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Suggestions: Next Program to go after

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Do you have a good suggestion as to the next program to create a website for.  I'm looking for a program that already has a lot of good information out there on it, but isn't prominently available in a google search.

Che Gookin:

Darrington. Id like to focus on Dace Goulding's involvement and of course his past.

I think a lot of parents think this is one of those "Good Programs" only because they are not aware that they are still WWASP affiliated.

Ive also been working on the myspace to network with survivors, once we have a decent amount of survivor stories I think we should start focusing on this website.

Femanon4Che?  :roflmao:

So you expect us to believe you come to a forum because you were abused. Find the one person who openly admitted to abusing hundreds of kids, then dedicated your username to their benefit? I'm not buying it, something smells fishy.

strike at the heart

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