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--- Quote from: "Ursus" ---I'll be over sometime tonight or tomorrow. I'm working on editing suggestions for the parent-to-parent letter, and should be done in an hour or two...
--- End quote ---

Thank you.  I'm itching to getting around to publishing a polished version of that.

I just saw that Parent to Parent suggestions are posted.

Ok.  shit trimmed down.  building up.

• Brief comment on the banner (which you might well want to address later), left-hand-most side, surrounding apall logo: at least on my computer, the background is so dark that I cannot make out the words that the initials stand for.

• Heading: "all you need to know about the tti in one place" is kinda scrunched. You might also want to consider making three lines so the words break up into phraselets that are more memorable. E.g.,

All you need to know
About the Troubled Teen Industry
In One (Adjective) Place
• Oooh, I just linked back to fornits in the forum section! Nice! Will viewers have the option to expand that part full screen, or to visit whichever respective forum in order to get the whole screen? I imagine that extensive viewing under first-noted conditions would get laborious after a while (having to scroll left to right to read everything).

Hmm.. and now I am looking at the antiWWASP forum and a very jumpy ShoutBox, a line of which  reads:

psy: muahahah. I put your forum in a box!
—=—=0•0=—=— —=—=0•0=—=— —=—=0•0=—=—

lol! All for tonight, I'm beat...

BTW, It really is fantastic, being made so viscerally aware of all these communities, each unique in their own eccentric ways, yet all focused on one commonly held goal...
 :tup:  :tup:

Ok.  Registration is now open at  Once you do that, on the left hand side you will find several new links when you are logged in.  Two in partular, "submit an article", and "submit a web Link" allow you to contributed directly towards the content on this website.  Currently I am looking for article authors, editors, as well as techs to help manage the site (or those willing to be trained as techs).


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