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kev (
Hello Fornits, just your friendly, neighborhood WWASP fighter here... :)

I wanted to ask if everyone is satisfied with the large orange "object" (have no clue what that thing is) next to your text logo? Though I realize the decision making aspect ultimately relies on Ginger, I wanted to ask whether everyone besides Ginger is satisfied with your identity as a community (maybe wrong word?)... Perhaps we could sway the nice woman into changing it?

If a graphic designer can't interpret an object on your website... I'll stop there for now..

My interpretation of this image is that is came from a very old design, and you are hanging on to that for some reason (originality, the feelings you felt in creating this site.. etc). But, it is my PROFESSIONAL opinion (if I was quoting your website for a design) would be to update your identity. I think you'd be surprised at the results you will get in people feeling a deeper "sense of belonging", mostly attributed to visually pleasing imagery, and a professional identity... But hey, don't take my word for it, I can send 50 designers your way and you will inevitably get the same response from 45 of them. I rarely speak (or post) unless I can back it up with proof, and I can give you proof in results, if you heed my advice.

My intention is not to criticize, however, I've been hesitant to link up with fornits up until this post, being as my focus is graphic and web development and you have a giant spire or angel or something up there looking at me...

What is that thing and where did it come from? Perhaps we could redo a version of it that is a bit more "web 2.0" once you tell me what it is? Psy mentioned that you won't budge here Ginger, but the way I see it I personally get prodded into actions that may be better for the group (rather than the individual) all the time. Perhaps I'd like to see someone else forced into action by a collective consensus, but who knows, I'm an asshole for the most part. (trust me i really do know im an ass...)

Anyways, please share your thoughts here because I am offering to do the logo pro-bono, and I'm sure Psy won't hesitate to crank out a prototype as well based on his feelings on this issue..

Nostalgia, in this case, is painful for me to see...

Shut up.  :fuckoff:

That design is called Autumn Fairy. Some people have interpreted her as a x-tian angel, but she never was partial to any particular religion or philosophy. I suppose the image has become degraded over time due to resizing and such. Maybe I can dig up an older version and rework it from scratch? I must admit, I don't care for the color clash w/ the PhpBB blue. She looked much more at home on the old buff parchment background, imho. I'd be interested in improving that. But I also don't want to move toward a more professional look and feel. This is not a professional site at all. It's an open free-for-all for any and all with any sort of interest in the thought reform industry. Matter of fact, I rather like the idea that the 'professionals' might feel a bit less at home.


--- Quote from: "Antigen" ---- It's an open free-for-all*
--- End quote ---

*with the exception of secret password protected forums

kev (
what's the point of reading these rediculous guest posts? or why not require registration like the other 90 percent of forums on the internet? you really don't stand to benefit in my opinion from these losers who use this place to fuel their hunger for conflict.. its like an infestation.. your database is full of garbage... clogged and unhealthy garbage, you should purge them. i really figured you for an innovator ginger, someone who sees change as a means for growth... these "stubborn" ideals don't improve your website, on the contrary, I've avoided fornits for so long for that reason alone. I have to choose besides function and form, and should i really have to? why not provide both? you're entitled to do whatever you wish as you own this site and everything inside it, and i'm just stating an opinion so it can be lost in the pile with everyone elses opinions i suppose, but these changes would improve your website's overall look and feel, and make yourself look more appear a bit more "giving" in the process. now i realize you don't care a lot about how others view you, i'm sure you could probably care less. thats not the point, you're the one in control. i would create a forum to steal your traffic in a moderated environment but im only an asshole, not a fucktard. such is the beauty of unmoderated forums, correct? i can do WHATEVER i want... so at this point, what i want is to tear the heart and sole of your webforums out, and steal all the traffic, will these posts also stand aside the rest of the unmoderated content? or will you delete them to benefit yourself while i try to manipulate your audience?

i can live with unmoderated forums when the content of the visitors posts have relevance, but you've unleashed these society rejects with free reign to confront and torment legitimate people with vested interests, without any control. it's alarming. Free Speech is invaluable, but i am going to try to develop a plan to dispose of the people who's sole purpose is "getting a rise" and "fucking with people". i would hate to have to steal your audience, and i'm not threatening you at all, there is just a legitimate need for a larger moderated forum with content you seem to have already accumulated. i'm sure there are several people here more than willing to pack up, move, and be troll-free, does that sound unreasonable?

this is not a personally directed message, i'm writing this to the webmaster and administrator of a website in my genre, so the way i see it, i'm actually just stating my intentions. i also believe your content to be the primary reason for your traffic, its just a shame i have to dig through pounds of bullshit to find the gems, i simply don't have that kind of time. so all-in-all, i'm just asking you to bend in favor of the common good, regardless of personal or emotional beliefs. there is no benefit to me personally here, i just want to see this place be as awesome as it's capable of being.

great job so far by the way, all these years and you're still doing things your way, or the highway, you must be doing something right (tried really hard to be nice here!) lol... again, take it as an attack if you wish, but i'm more just picking your brain to understand why someone so intelligent can't weigh the argument with logic involved... how about this, if there was a way to take out every troll, would you do it?


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