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Dear writers.

When writing please keep in mind how search engines see a website.  There is something called "keyword density"  essentially what it means practically is that instead of abbreviating a facility as "PV", it should be written as "Peninsula Village".  Try to frequently use key words you feel might be used in a search (but not to excess, and not where it breaks the flow of the writing).

kev (
google realizes people try to cheat... if your keyword density is off the charts and you purposefully riddled your content with too many keywords... google will actually penalize your site.. don't cheat, like psy said, let it flow.

if necessary, thats what psy and I are here for, to guide you through the process of getting your content get high rankings. the portal is going to be a great tool to start exchanging links with a variety of organizations. but that's what i'm supposed to worry about, not you guys.. just produce the content, and i'll give it the stage...


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