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Project 2: Midwest Academy [research phase]

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also from the towns online newspaper

"Student wrote on Nov 25, 2008 7:06 AM:
" This school is abusive and the actions behind the walls are horrific. I went there a few years back and thank god they are closing (if true). Those poor students. I can only imagine how much worse it has gotten. Evil Evil place. ""


anybody know where I might find a good picture of the school?  Failing that, google maps would do

Che Gookin:

google map and article link about school not closing^

ok i was looking through their pics here http://

anyone else notice no one is wearing shoes??

must be an upper level privilege.

also go to the midwest web site i posted above and go to their home page they have some good shots on their slide show.

Che Gookin: ... 38435.html

Maia says some stuff. not sure what as her site is blocked in China.


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