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kev (
"you down with O.P.P., yeah you know me" -Naughty by Nature... lol

sounds good to me, i object to everything on that list, your honor..  :twofinger:

Rusty Goat:
forced or otherwise coerced abortion
EXIT plans
Forced relocation for treatment in foreign countries
Transport companies
Secret placement by estranged parents

I just wanted to pipe in.. thank you for the invite Psy.


Thanks Rusty.

Oh, Psy, we could probably tweak the "about us" I used for my website if I can dredge that up...may be a little harder than the finding the stuff from the other one....said something like we are mothers, sisters, co-workers, daughters, yadda yadda and we are watching the programs.  :)  Hmmmm....that might be in my Yahoo msg cache....heheheee.

Miss Antsy Pam:
Here is another variation of our Mission Statement and Goals taken from member feedback...

Our goal…. to raise public and political awareness of the MUTI-BILLION dollar "troubled teen" industry in order to expose the truth about the abuse, fraud, and torture that takes place. Desperate parents are seeking out these facilities in order to help their struggling teens; only to find out later that their child endured unimaginable cruelty at the hands of people that were supposed to help our teens.

Our Mission…to end the physical, psychological and emotional abuse of minors and parents within the Troubled Teen / Behavior Modification / Emotional Growth Industry.

keep tweaking it until we love it!



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