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For each of the new blogs, i'd like to have a repeating page where parents can quickly get informed about what the troubled teen industry is, how it operates, and why it's so dangerous.  While I could write it myself (and probably will write a draft), I believe in the principles of competition, and that there are many around here who are more capable and influential writers than I. What better way to create this important piece of content than to offer it up to the community to write and then vote on and/or edit collectively.

I look forward to reading your submissions in this thread.


Che Gookin:
Dear Parents:

If you want to get your child killed, injured, brainwashed, abused, molested, raped, beaten, harassed, and/or sodomized please contact NATSAP(here) for more information on how to make this come to life.

If you don't want that to happen, please keep reading.

Thank you.

Here's a start:

The troubled teen industry has varying formats and varying claims as to what they can accomplish, but all have the same tendency to separate children and parents, limiting contact between a child and their family.  Many also limit contact with the outside world as well. This lack of contact enables programs/facilities to be more abusive due to the lack of scrutiny. The lack of concern that someone will catch them, or find out they've done something wrong.  Why?  Because if your kid is there, then everyone assumes they must be bad; they must be a liar; they must be difficult; they must not be trustworthy.  If they are complaining, it must be because they are whiners.  They're being disciplined and they don't like it.  Discipline is NOT what we're against, it is the line that has been crossed from discipline to abuse that has caused us to stand up and take action.    

"Breaking" the children is a common theme, but it is a harmful tactic that ultimately, has devastating results for the individual, later in life. Some of us know this from personal experience. Some of the tactics used are fear, brainwashing, repetitiveness of menial tasks.  Other tactics are more severe, harder labor, standing/sitting in stress positions, physical punishments that go beyond swats with a paddle and into violence.  Some of this meted out by other teenagers.

"Indoctrination" is the next step.  Repetition of the programs beliefs and standards, without regard to the child involved and without regard to the example they themselves set on a daily basis.  They will tell your child he is not good enough to survive in the regular world until they believe or behave the way the program says they should.  They may tell you and your child that they will end up insane, dead, in jail or on drugs without their 'help'.  

You may believe the driving force behind these programs and facilities is to help your child.  It's not.  Money is.  If you don't believe me, tell them your insurance isn't going to cover the tuition any longer and you've gone bankrupt.  See how fast little Susie or Johnny is redeposited into your life.

We are dedicated to preventing others from experiencing the same traumas we have been through. Our goal is to bring awareness to the troubled teen industry and hold the abusers accountable for their actions.

Feel free to add anything you think is relevant.  I have a turkey to finish.

kev (
omg wonderful, and this is just you getting started...? i'm excited. :nods:

Thanks, but I did cheat.  I had a blurb containing the main points of it already on a website a couple friends & I ran for a while.  I just expounded on those points while reaping the benefits of child labor today.  My kiddo actually made the turkey feast today, all I did was coach.


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