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Project 1 : Peninsula Village Exposed [Writing Phase]

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Here is a rare gem.  A Metro Pulse article on PV: ... nsula.html

A thread by DYS: "Facts about PV"

I think we found the motherlode of PV testimonials (Zen compiled these)

NAMI reports on restraints and seclusion abuse (mentions PV in Tenn): ... estiga.htm

12-year-old female in Special Treatment Unit placed in straightjacket

    * "It’s called a burrito…I would be in the middle of the floor where everybody could watch me."

    * medication cut in half against advice of regular psychiatrist; discharged in handcuffs in worse condition than when admitted

    * STU patients can write home, but cannot receive mail from or talk on phone with parents; girl wrote letters that family never received

    * for "less serious outbursts," staff take patients down to ground and pin them

    * more serious episodes put patients in a "burrito" or 5 point leather restraints on a bed

    * doors are locked, windows covered, lights on 24 hours a day

Zen.  Do you have a copy of the WATE-TV report on Peninsula Village?  I hear it's quite damning so it would be great to have a copy.  Any chance you can get one by going to the TV station?

Looks like finding it might be difficult.  It appears WATE has put up a puff piece for the place (probably after a thread of a lawsuit).  I fucking hate modern "journalists".  Spineless sacks of shit.


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