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Project 1 : Peninsula Village Exposed [Writing Phase]

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A website with somebody willing to testify to or submit evidence of abuse at PV:

Might be useful for a testimonial

It's also here: ... 5#comments

Can't find an author, though.  I wonder who it is.

PV thread on CAFETY ... 11&id=1008

PV thread (one of many) on FICAN with lots of survivor stories: ... e-t40.html

There is a powerpoint presentation on this website: ... sentation/

I'm always willing to do interviews, Q & A with any survivor that is willing.  I'm working on another this weekend.  I realize I'm slow, but if you give me a couple days, I'll get you a submission for the front page, to get parental attention.

As for pics, I can get my hands on plenty of Roloff pics, but they won't be real helpful unless/until Reclamation Ranch goes down...since they're tied.  :D


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