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Project 1 : Peninsula Village Exposed [Writing Phase]

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Ok guys.  Here is where the fun starts.

Here is a blank website:

It needs content.

All the research needed to create this website should either be in this thread or Zen's brain.  I'll be writing some, but I'd appreciate some help from the community here.  I'll post requests for what I need at the end of this thread.

This is your opprortunity to help keep kids out of program.  I have no doubt you'll do us all proud.

Che Gookin:

^ISAC ... an0001.jpg ... n/haha.gif

^I have to check before we can use either of those.

and I forgot the link to HEAL but I do remember it having some good bits about PV.

Check with Shelby and the other one before using either of their sites content is my suggestion. It seems to be the polite thing to do, though i suspect neither will have an issue about it.


If you scroll down you'll see pictures of the STU, PV vans, and their tax return. All seem pertinent to the site. If needed I can dig some gems out of the PV Q and A thread I conducted awhile back.

Che Gookin:
The danes have this for us to use as well. ... illage.htm


Heal on PV:
Q&A Thread on PV:
SPFT on PV: ... illage.htm
Fornits Wiki on PV: ... la_Village

Che Gookin:

The Facility Q/A thread I conducted on Peninsula Village^ chock full of goodies.

The blurbs off of the heal site^ ... la_Village

fornits wiki^


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