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So what is this all about

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Hmm... Good Idea! Well what I did was make the Troubled Teen Industry site Myspace page, quite possibly we can do as you stated to split it up into various groups... but for now all I'm interested in is sending out friend requests. I think there are many more survivors on Myspace, but the groups are somewhat unsuccessful that's why it would be best to just find them on Myspace and invite them to join us on the forums.

I would be interested in making multiple Myspace's for a more school specific approach to gathering survivors, if that sounds more agreeable... what do you guys think?

Please take a moment to check out the Troubled Teen Industry Myspace Page and send us a friend request!


--- Quote from: "Ursus" ---There is also the issue of certain hell-holes being successful at having certain MySpace groups gutted of unflattering content...which certainly puts a chill into survivor discourse.
--- End quote ---

This is the only real thing i'm worried about.  Myspace *has* censored or deleted entire groups before.

What about Facebook. I think many people went to the TBSs and RTCs and are on Facebook. It would be a good way to get research data and chat with them. More people have their own alumni groups their as well.

Hai guys!

New account same beotch. Well wanted to drop in with an update. created the myspace for TTI but I switched to a new account/url. I havent had time to go add friends but I will soon dive back into that project. You can visit it at:

I have taken specific measures to protect our myspace's from being hacked... this has happened to me before with the WWASP survivors page so I planned ahead.

I have also started a Darrington Academy Survivors Page and friend requested everyone I could find that went to Darrington. Hope this helps us get a few to come forward and join our ranks.

I finished the "Research Strategy" project I mentioned before and wanted to make it available for everyone to use if they choose. I'm going to post it on the TTI project manager but I just wanted to let you all know you can email me and I can send you a zipped file that holds the folder storage/ organizational system and our project list as well as some instructions. Just so you all know, No one is required to use the system, I just want to make it available and hope it might be useful to you guys trying to keep track of all the information your combing through.

Please feel free to email me to get a copy and feel free to ask any questions or offer any suggestions.
[email protected]


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