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So what is this all about

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Now hold on there.  We haven't fully decided on whether or not that database template is feasable (though it seems so).  We'll have to talk about this a little more.  You also might want to explain about your idea of how to structure the research and how it will be published.  I like your categorizing idea a lot, but you should probably explain it more to those who don't know what you're talking about.

I agree, and I plan to... nothing will be forced upon anyone, not that I could anyway lol. As well, I hope you all dont see my stepping up as an insult, the last thing I want to do is micro manage anyone. If you guys can understand, I am so used to NOTHING getting done at antiwwasp and HAVING to be the one to take charge. I in no way intend to step on your toes, Im the kind of person who loves working in a group and I DONT like to establish pecking orders. I also am always open to feedback and greatly appreciate it so if you work with me you wont have to worry about walking on eggshells. Not that you guys would anyway lol. and btw, I do appreciate a sense of humor so do your worst.

I just needed a day to rest I was up until 9am the other morning got 3 hours of sleep before i needed to catch a conference call and then went to bed at about 6am that next morning. this seems to be a pattern with me ever since I started this project... my biological clock is all mixed up.

I have outlined in our project manager that I plan to prepare an extensive explaination of my ideas and submit it to everyone to review and decide upon. the only thing I feel strongly about is organizing the information so that no one wastes their time making multiple entries and makes it easier for us to store and upload this database online. If anyone has changes to or wants to try another method I am totally open to that.

If you dont mind guys Im going to head to bed, (its almost 9 am again) but I will make a detailed outline/ discription and submit it to you tomorrow.


Just to those who don't already know, our project manager can be accessed here on the troubled teen website: ... &Itemid=69

It's basically a software for managing projects.  You can organize things there, set tasks, calendar items, and upload files for sharing.

Hey everyone!
My apologies, I am having some software problems and waiting to hear back from the technical support guy before I can retrieve my data (in order to present it to you) In the mean time I thought I might tell you guys about the networking Im doing. I have made a myspace page for TTI and I am sending out friend requests to anyone I can find in groups like WWASP. Can you guys give me an idea of where I can find more groups with survivors? Do you think I should make individual myspace pages for the individual schools?

could use some help on this as well if anyone wants to run your own survivor myspace I can help you design it. In fact I think I might want to get a team together who are willing to do manage multiple survivor myspaces. Anyone interested? Even if your not interested I would appreciate everyones advice, espeically if you know what schools to do and where I can find survivors. Thanx!

The MySpace situation is very fractured, IMO, and sometimes those dividing lines run along age groups. For example, in the case of Hyde Schools, you have over 40 years worth of former students who are often, as Hyde School seems to ensure, still highly opinionated as to the appropriate take on the whole experiment. That ends up with former classmates clinging to their own "crowd," namely the folks who experienced pretty much the exact same conditions that they did, at least as far as certain non-subjective variables are concerned (staff, admins, lingo, etc.). That, of course, doesn't even touch upon the pro- vs. con- issue.

From what I can tell, there are a few Hyde MySpace groups, but often they are short-lived, and infrequently posted in. They generally tend to attract the younger ex-students.

There is also the issue of certain hell-holes being successful at having certain MySpace groups gutted of unflattering content...which certainly puts a chill into survivor discourse.

Personally, I think a larger MySpace Group with potential sub-groups (much like the structure of fornits) would be the most effective strategy in reaching and/or being palatable for the largest number of people... But I am hardly the expert, lol!


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