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what did the sudweeks ever do to you???

Name anything and the Sudweeks have done it. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse. They kept busy. As for Laeysa's boyfriend, I'm not surprised you're happy with her, she's a very nice girl. No need to get so defensive, no one's accusing her of being the mastermind in this and if they are, they weren't there and they don't know. Just like Lolita, I really didn't have any major problems with Mark & Cheryl's kids. Mostly just Cheryl, she was pulling all the strings behind the scenes and somehow managed to make herself the star of the show at the same time. I actually feel sorry for her kids, I saw some definite remnants of abuse even in the way she treated her grown daughters. Brek seems to be the only one that completely escaped discipline in his upbringing. Being honest about the events that occured in the year I was there does not mean I'm attempting to demonize everyone involved. Do I wish that one of the many adults in that situation would have been real with themselves and blown the damn whistle? Yes. Do I realize that there is a hell of a conflict of interest when the one that needs the whistle blown on them is your mother? Yes. However, that does not exuse inaction. What was going on at the Whitmore quickly progressed into the systematic brainwashing and physical abuse of minors. I don't care how difficult it is, there is always a right thing to do.

why do so many people hate this family?? i recently started dating someone in this family and now holding back because things ive heard about them.

Go for it. Laeysa is a nice girl. I don't know about Darlene as I havn't spoken with her, but I guess she is quite normal. This business with their private gulag is past business and unless you consider yourself a troubled teen, I guess you are safe.

I havn't tried it, but I guess one of them know how to empty a male as she is selling the semen from a horse. Sound promising.


--- Quote from: "Guest" ---According to this article in the Nephi, Utah THE TIMES NEWS:   The Sudweeks were running The Whitmore Academy as a progam for troubled teens, and as a Bed and Breakfast as the same time.

By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent

The Whitmore mansion is more than the Inn, a bed-and-breakfast, it is also the Whitmore Academy a place for troubled youth to find strong foundation, much like the home which was built in 1898.

Mark Sudweeks and his wife are the owners of the Whitmore and still use the second floor for a bed-and-breakfast however, the home has also become a place of learning.

"In order to meet the state requirements, we need a business license that is more appropriate than as a bed and breakfast," said Sudweeks.

Currently there are 12 students living at the home and under the care of the Sudweeks.

The couple have been providing opportunities for youth who have trouble at home and in school for the past 25 years and have four such locations known as "Who Am I Discovery" residential treatment center.

The other locations are in Kleena Kleene, British Columbia, Canada; Baja California, SUR, Mexico; the Whitmore and the Ridge Equine Center in Levan.

Sudweeks told the council that they do not need to be concerned about the young people who stay at the home being trouble-makers in the community because they are youth who also recognize that they need to make a change in their lives.

In addition, they are not adjudicated, or required by a court to attend a court-approved facility.

Nevertheless, said Sudweeks, in order for the center to meet the requirements of the state, a different type of license is needed. That is where the city can assist.

"I had a conversation with the state and we will be prepared to offer the different license upon our hearing, officially, from the state," said Chad Brough, mayor.

Students who live at the center earn the schooling from the Nebo School District.

"We tried to work through the Juab School District but they did not have the program we needed," said Sudweeks. "Therefore we are working with the Nebo School District because they have the Landmark School which is just what we needed."

A typical city business license allows the pursuit of a business, such as the bed and breakfast, on the premises of the establishment and that will do fine for that part of the business.

However, said Sudweeks, it is important for the residential treatment center, in order to be approved by the state, to have a different sort of license that will allow young people to be housed for the purpose of therapy.

"Our curriculum is fully accredited and accepted by most schools and university's" he said. "Independent learning, at an individual pace, promotes confidence within, as we achieve educational goals as they relate to specific graduation requirements."

The teens in the Utah program, at the Whitmore Academy, have the benefit of the home, with 12 beautiful rooms, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi. In addition, they can enjoy the majestic mountains and the nearby beauty of Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Lake Powell, Canyon Lands National Parks, Zions Park and many other natural wonders.

"It is not our goal to take the kids out of the slum, rather we want to take the 'slum' out of the kinds," he said,
--- End quote ---
Here's the link and title for that article (posted earlier, 2nd post in this thread):

The Times-News
96 South Main Street, PO Box 77, Nephi, Utah 84648 - Voice: 435 623-0525 - FAX: 435 623-4735

Whitmore Academy seeks appropriate business license from city
By Myrna Trauntvein
Times-News Correspondent
November 27, 2002[/list]


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