Author Topic: Redcliff tried to manipulate the UK parents  (Read 11975 times)

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Redcliff tried to manipulate the UK parents
« on: November 09, 2008, 05:08:00 PM »
From From the Wilderness to the right track (Interview on Channel 4)

Redcliff tried to refer the teenagers to their own private juvie:

On this subject, James is indignant. ‘He tried to get me to go to this boarding school in the States, The Discovery Academy, which is owned by the same company (as Redcliffe). He tried to persuade my parents to get me sent there. And it’s like a proper lock-down there, like a mini-juvie. Girls are not allowed to talk to boys, boys are not allowed to talk to girls. It’s completely segregated and really strict.’

They did hide the fact that the teenagers passport could protect them and give them some human rights.

One of the brats, Rachel, took longer than the others to complete the course. James suggests that there was a secondary reason that she came back when she did. ‘It was because her visa expired. That’s what nobody knows – nobody worked that out. You have a 90-day visa to go to the States. We didn’t realise. I only worked it out after I left – I thought “hang on a minute”, I never clocked it until then. It was when we were leaving and I was looking through my passport and I thought “Shit, it says 90 days.” I could have just done nothing and sat there saying, “Yeah, I’m not doing it” and gone home in 90 days.’

Asked about if it worked:

Asked about his relationship with his parents now, James is pragmatic. ‘I’ve just kind of grown up. Everyone says, “look how well you’re doing now that you’re twenty, look how you’ve changed.” And I just think, “well you’re missing the key point. I’m twenty – I’ve grown up.” My mum isn’t telling me when I can and cannot go out. She still tries. But I say, “Mum, I’m twenty.” She thinks that my experience there changed me. I’m still not perfect; she still has a go at me for not eating enough and then for eating too much, but that’s just the way that mothers are really. That’s everyone’s mum.’

So that is the reality and long term result people have been waiting for. The kids on the Brat camp did get better because they grew up.

Some faster than other. The sweet Danni begame a proud mother aged 16 within 6 months of returning from Aspen Achievement Academy. Some of the most severe "brats" are those with the most success. Jemma (Turnabout Ranch) is a professional dancer and Ja(e)da from the American version is a professional therapist with hot stones. She was even been in Europe (Portugal) in relationship with her line of work.

The viewer judge those poor soles based on what they see on Television and as the time goes it is those who was blamed to have the biggest problems who did best.
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