Author Topic: Educational Consultant's Confernece - Nov 7- 8  (Read 6897 times)

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Educational Consultant's Confernece - Nov 7- 8
« on: November 05, 2008, 11:29:04 AM »
It has been brought to our attention that the following programs listed below will
be presenting at the national conference of Educational Consultants. ... eutic.html


Family Foundation School

Boulder Creek
Three Springs
Valley View School
The Winchendon School
SLS Residential
Montcalm Schools
Maharishi Academy
Inner Change
Hillside Schools

Alamar Ranch, Amy Jeppesen,
(Formerly E.D. of Mountain Springs Preparatory Academy)

Peninsula Village, Robert Pegle

The Academy at Swift River
Erica DeBlase, Tanya Beecher,
and Frank Bartolomeo ... wift_River

Hidden Lake Academy, Jeff Holloway
Logan River Academy, Matt Erickson

Homeward, Tim R. Thayne

Alpine Academy, Howard Weeks

West Ridge Academy –
Michael L. Ruoho and Darren R.

Intermountain -Elizabeth Kohlstaedt

Help attention be drawn to an industry that profits from the
inappropriate institutionalization of youth and uses unethical programs to train its members!  
If you have attended any of these programs listed below or any of these individuals,
please email Executive Director or IECA expressing your outrage and sharing your
personal experience, and actions his organization plans on taking to address the
inappropriate role educational consultant's play in determining the course of treatment (or abuse) for youth.
Ask him why one of the presenters is discussing how to convince parents they need
to keep their child in a program longer, rather than respect the wisdom of youth and child - (Presenters on the topic: Jeff Holloway, Hidden Lake Academy  and Matt Erickson, Logan River Academy).  Ask him how he plans on hold ensuring are not being sent to abusive, ineffective, and unethical programs.

Mark H. Sklarow ... _Testimony

3.Email amy @ with your contact information should you wish to be contacted by the media - or contact them yourselves to increase visibility.

4. Add your name to a sign-on letter addressing concerns regarding IECA which will be posted shortly on .
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