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Thayer changes names- don't be fooled

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Those of us who have been trying to bring attention to the monstrous and fraudulent program run by Willa Bundy in Kidder, Missouri can be proud that all of the adverse publicity has caused Thayer to close.  That is the good news. The bad news is that like so much else at Thayer the closing is not what it appears to be.  It has not closed at all- just had its name changed as the Bundys - who know nothing about adolescent development  but a lot about marketing- have figured out that boot camps are out and boarding schools with untrained and unlicensed coaches instead of teachers are in. Here is their new web site Don't be fooled.  These are the people responsible for the death of Roberto Reyes and the hideous abuse of other adolescents. WE WILL CLOSE TLC!

This statement, from their website, says it all.

TLC is a boarding school that gives parents with disrespectful teens an opportunity to take control.

Interesting. The new website has a banner over the top that reads:

C E N T E R[/list]

It would appear that their new name is "Teen Lifeskills Center." I could find no mention of "Thayer" on the current website proper. The link in the OP, which includes a dash at the end, is apparently not a finished page. Underneath the aforementioned banner on that page is the following text (emphasis theirs):

--- Quote ---Page Not Found

The page you are looking for does not exist. To better serve you, our customer, we have reorganized our website. Please try visiting our home page.

Thank you for visiting the Thayer Learning Center website!
--- End quote ---

I also got that same text when I clicked the "News" button. Apparently there isn't any news to report yet, and they are still working on that page. I imagine those leftover mentions of 'Thayer Learning Center' will disappear quite quickly.

Address of facility is noted as: 961 East 5th Street Kidder, Missouri 64649 | Admissions: 1-800-435-0688.

Domain registration information from Network solutions on "" follows:

--- Quote ---Registrant:
   Parent Help
   101 Industrial Parkway
   Gallatin, Missouri 64640
   United States

   Registered through:, Inc. (
   Domain Name: TLCPROGRAM.COM
      Created on: 16-Aug-02
      Expires on: 16-Aug-09
      Last Updated on: 14-Jan-08

   Administrative Contact:
      Bundy, John  [email protected]
      Parent Help
      101 Industrial Parkway
      Gallatin, Missouri 64640
      United States
      6606634313      Fax --

   Domain servers in listed order:
--- End quote ---

Make no mistake about what is happening.
 The lawsuits against the Bundys have started.
  The GAO reports have taken their toll.  
The has worked.
Dorothy Steele has left or been fired.
The Bundys have simply decided that they can hide their assets and their past with a name change.
It won't work!!!  
Child Abuse by any other name is still child abuse!

I called the center and a Dorothy answers.   Also I called the cell phone number off the handbook on Isac and a Dorothy answers.    I would be believe its the same Dorothy so she isn't fired.


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