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Teen Challenge Celebrates 50th Year

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Hooray for David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz!  

Most of the basic furniture in my apartment came from a Teen Challenge thrift store, the couch I am sitting on right now for example.

Teen Challenge, by the way, has absolutely nothing in common with the Moonies.  That assertion is asinine.  I am afraid, psy, that you know not of which you write with that one. ... 07744.html

The Unification Church directly owns UPI and the Washington Times.  Teen Challenge is nowhere near their caliber.


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--- Quote from: "Old Man from St Pete" ---50 years and it 's still a CULT!  Sorta like the Moonies w/out all the political pull w/the Republicans.
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No, actually.  It's sort of like the Moonies with the political pull w/the republicans. AFAIK, faith based initiative helps fund Teen Challenge.
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--- Quote from: "SEKTO" ---Teen Challenge, by the way, has absolutely nothing in common with the Moonies. That assertion is asinine. I am afraid, psy, that you know not of which you write with that one.
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It all depends on which "faith based initiative" you're talking about. The one in Texas? Or the one pushed through nationwide, which followed in its wake?

From what I recall, Teen Challenge was a poster child for Bush's "faith based initiative" in Texas, which was primarily focused on exempting religious childcare facilities from having to comply with state regulation. They could install their own faith-based regulatory agency. TC benefitted greatly from the associated lack of oversight. As did Roloff et al.

In fact, Teen Challenge's artificially plumped stats were cited as example and proof positive of the kind of success one could expect from the encouraged coupling of church and state, and helped sway popular opinion in accepting yet another Bush faith based initiative when he later pushed it through on a national level. This one entailed the loosening of some purse strings.

However, from what I understand, Teen Challenge's history of abuse in Texas was egregious enough, and prolific enough in number, to seriously dampen their ability to capitalize significantly on any such largesse on a national scale ... when it came to receiving substantial financial grants. I believe there is a 49-page licensure-inspection report prepared by the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse which documents their extraordinary lack of compliance in 93 categories. Of course, that report pertained to TC in Texas, which is not necessarily reflective of Teen Challenge in other states, but the Texas Teen Challenge was the one most influenced by Bush policies and legislation.

Subsequently (but not consequently), the Moonies were more than able to mop up the national handouts.


Necessitas tu hablandas espanol aqui.  Viva la revolucion!

Congrats :bump:


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