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A friend of mine and I were looking into possible collective art projects relating to this industry.  In order to know what we should do it's best to know what we can do and what those who would help us have to offer.  So...  My suggestion is that we first start listing our skills, after which we can figure out how best to utilize those skills and how we can use them to reach a large audience (webpages, maybe... maybe video... maybe music...  maybe other art...).  My feeling is that there is a place for everybody's talent and particular skill set if we can build a project with everybody in mind.  So let's put our skills down on the table and start a little informal brainstorming.

I do: Video and 3d work, motion tracking, effects, photoshop... stuff like that.


I write. (I also edit, so if writing isn't your deal, I could work with you to get your story into a comprehensive format.  Even a few people who are exceptionally good at writing have been gracious enough to allow me to interview & work on their stories...sometimes it's harder to work on something so personal & painful.)

Anybody heard from Felice lately? And don't forget about Crapitol Records

Do photography, write, make jewelry, and sculpture. Did a large installation piece on my experiences once in 1988. Included sounds reminiscient of program, poetry, large scale works 1' x 4', and and lovely seafoam green walls just like my old facility was painted. Boy did folks get the feel! Seafoam green made them so affected immediately and then the piece about losing your freedom of speech really got them. It was a silkscreen of the statue of liberty with a prose piece like similar to Awake's "The Rap" but about loss of freedom of speech was  superimposed on a piece of glass  that was about 1' in front of silkscreen. It would be cool to brainstorm and try to get grant money to do this in a large space. That we divide up to be like an actual facility. Bring people to the "house of horrors" we witnessed. ginger

come on. Are any of you interested. obviously, if we were institutionalized than we were all talented. i am tired and not making much sense, but from what i read here all of us have a great deal of talent. sometimes the best way to overcome the phobias we have left is to create about them. For instance, I don't like bit crowded places so i would go shoot photos of big crowded places. I never got to go to parks so go to parks and shoot pictures of people. warp the pics do everything i was not allowed to do. i was not allowed to write about myself and my feelings. the list went on.

can you imagine if this were a big show and released into the public. it would be amazing.



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