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Yeah, like that. Allison Pinto is the head pshrink for ASTART and, I think, still affiliated with CAFETY.

Which is perfectly consistent with their reform minded positions, as opposed to abolitionist. They just think the industry should be turned over to the pros, that's all.

Che Gookin:
Hard data please...

Well... Allison Pinto is a member of GREX, which is the West Coast affiliate of A.K.Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems, of which Pinto is also an associate (by virtue of her membership in GREX).

From Grex's home page:

--- Quote ---GREX Group Relations

Grex is the West Coast regional affiliate of the A. K. Rice Institute for the study of social systems a national educational institution whose goal is to advance the study of social systems and the field of group relations. Through the outreach of its eight regional affiliates, the A. K. Rice Institute seeks to "deepen the understanding and the analysis of complex systemic psychodynamic and covert processes which give rise to non-rational behavior in individuals, groups, organizations, communities and nations" (

The purpose of Grex, which is latin for "group," is to advance the study of group relations—"the dynamics of the group as a holistic system"—(hayden & molenkamp, 2003, p. 3) along the west coast of the united states. In order to accomplish this goal, we sponsor group relations conferences and training events as well as participating in scientific meetings and publishing research employing experiential theories and methods based on the tavistock tradition.

--- End quote ---

AKRI is a direct descendant of the Tavistock Institute, Rice having been one of the earlier researchers at Tavistock. From the selected bibliography on the GREX site:

Rice, A. K. (1958). Productivity and social organization: The Ahmedabad experiment. London: Tavistock Publications Limited.

Rice, A. K. (1963). The enterprise and its environment. London: Tavistock Publications Limited.

Rice, A. K. (1965). Learning for leadership. London: Tavistock Publications Limited.

Rice, A. K. (1970). The modern university. London: Tavistock Publications Limited.[/list]

Btw, for what it's worth, Tavistock figured prominently in the evolution of therapeutic communities. At the time, it was partly a means of being more cost effective, money being so tight after the war... 'Tis cheaper to treat folks as a group, and to have them do most of the treating themselves, than it is to focus therapeutic efforts on individuals...

Whenever you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, listen for a train whistle.

Che Gookin:
Seems pretty circumstantial, but keep digging its quite interesting.


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