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Timberlawn Hospital - mid 80's

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After HIH closed Medical Arts and Deer Park Hospital became PDAP associated. This guy ran Deer Park:

Dr. Sharma had Medical Arts and Laurelwood. There is some dirt out there on Laurelwood. I think someone died trying to espcape. Dr. Baron is now associated with West Oaks in Houston. Meehan, I don't know where he is. PDAP lives on: PDAP is run by a CEO or something. Same people from Meehan days were still involved when I moved back here in 1996,but they were overthrown a few years ago.

Now we have this and they are called APGs. Alternative peer groups, and they still run around saying "luv ya", I think. Really don't know much about it, though. I hear from ex-PDAP friends though. We support one another on some of the old tapes that still play in our heads.

Oops, left this out:


Hey Artsy,
  Welcome, glad you came along. I've put out feelers on the Meehan programs a couple of times but never got anything back. Was just talking w/ a friend about it and your post and about ontheemmis having a closed forum. Seems like Bob Meehan is yet another of the satanic clones stamped out of a secret underground base near DC along with Chuck Dieterich (Synanon) Art Barker (the Seed) Joe Ricci (Elan)  John Gould (Hyde) Lester Rolloff (Rolloff Schools) David Wilkerson (Teen Challenge) and whoever else I'm forgetting. Tell your friends. We'd love to hear from ya'll.


--- Quote from: "Antigen" ---hoever else I'm forgetting
--- End quote ---
Mel Wasserman (CEDU, and clones, father of "emotional growth"), Robert Lichfield, Ken Kay, and David Gilcrease (WWASP), Steve Cartesano (Challenger, et. al.), Sue "your ass off" Scheff and company (Mark and Cheryl Sudweeks, Bernie Farrow, Izzy "shamoo" Zehnder), Len "Mr. Hands" Buccellato (Hidden Lake Academy, NATSAP), Jayne Selby Longnecker (Benchmark Young Adult School)...  and whoever else i'm forgetting.

According to an old Annual Report, Timberlawn Hospital was acquired by Universal Health Services, Inc. (of more recent CEDU-reborn fame?) in 1996:


In the Behavioral Health Division, the UHS strategy is much the same as that used in the acute care field. That is, to acquire properties that are or can be the dominant providers in their local markets, and then improve their clinical and operating procedures.

However, one important point of difference in this market is that most psychiatric hospitals in America are already under private ownership, and therefore do not involve the community issues encountered at Northwest Texas Hospital.

A recent example of the UHS behavioral health strategy is Timberlawn Hospital located in Dallas, Texas, one of six psychiatric facilities acquired by UHS in the past two years.

Founded in 1917, Timberlawn has long been the premier behavioral care center in the Dallas area. In fact, it was recently named one of the best psychiatric facilities in America by U.S. News and World Report. However, under its previous ownership, Timberlawn had serious economic difficulties.

When UHS acquired Timberlawn in 1996, the company immediately invested in much-needed improvements to the physical plant, upgrading patient rooms and public areas. UHS also worked to make the facility more responsive to the needs of its staff and patients.

To strengthen the financial position of Timberlawn, UHS has moved aggressively to build stronger relationships with managed care providers. This is an increasingly important factor in the behavioral care field, since managed care companies are now the largest source of reimbursement for patient services.

UHS also acquired four behavioral health facilities in Pennsylvania. Together with the Company's Keystone Center in Wallingford, Pa., these facilities compose the UHS Pennsylvania Network, with facilities in several key areas of the state: The Horsham Clinic in Philadelphia; The Meadows Psychiatric Center in State College; Clarion Psychiatric Center in Western Pennsylvania; and Roxbury in Shippensburg.

Another way that UHS is putting its behavioral expertise to work can be found in the UHS Management Services section of the Behavioral Health Division. The Management Services team creates and manages psychiatric care units within existing medical/surgical hospitals generally in suburban and rural areas where there are few behavioral facilities available.

By doing so, UHS Management Services offers community hospitals the opportunity to provide an important service to patients. At the same time, it relieves them of the need to develop the special resources and expertise required to open and manage a psychiatric facility.

UHS currently has nine Management Services units in operation, and plans to expand this highly targeted service in the years ahead.

--- End quote ---


I wonder whether Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum (on the BoD of UHSInc.) had anything to do with that year's haul of Pennsylvania facilities...

Rick Santorum
Consultant to the law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, Washington, D.C. Senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D.C. He served as a United States Senator from Pennsylvania from 1995 to 2007, and a U.S. Representative from 1991 to 1995 representing the 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. From 2001 to 2007, he served as Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, where he directed the communications operations of Senate Republicans and was the third-ranking member of the Republican leadership.

Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee[/list]

Psy, I was trying to name off all the 1970's era spooky probably all government funded Syanon spreaders. Mel Wasserman was one, of course. I think all the rest you name came after--next generation.


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