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Timberlawn Hospital - mid 80's

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So... I checked Universal Health Services, Inc.'s current Texas lineup to see if Timberlawn Hospital was still on there (it is), and came across another familiar face: Meridell Achievement Center in Austin. Wasn't that where Kristin Stattel went?

You guys,

Thank you so much. I still cannot figure out how you found the info. UHS fits right in with their treatment. They fix gay teens (ha, ha) or did at the time I was there. I also noticed that RAND corporation was involved at one time which is odd. Lots of articles of the types of patients they looked for back then. Amazing they had criteria. It was in one of those Google books.

As for old Bob Meehan,  he was a trip. I only met him once at a Round Robin, where you go for 24 hours and talk about your sins sobriety, war stories, etc. When he spoke everyone listened. Odd, odd, odd, man. He  got alot of people sober from heroin, but boy did he get rich doing it. John Bradshaw also had close ties to PDAP as did Og Mandino.

As for me, they kept me brainwashed and sick for 4 years. I missed four years of my early 20's. First it was PDAP, then Deer Park, then Raleigh Hills, then a legitimate hospital in Houston, and then Timberlawn for 9 months. The shrink at the legitimate place told my dad that I would need at least two years at Timberlawn to be "fixed". Boy did they fix me. I saw more abuse in the 9 months I was there than I have in a lifetime.

Thanks you guys.

I was in Timberlawn from Oct. 1984 - August 1985. I was 17 when I was admitted but was placed in Burkett I unit, an adult unit. My first bad experience was my 2nd week at Timberlawn when I found my roommate dead of suicide. He had hung himself using my belt and the AC vent to thread it through. That shut down the entire campus for 3 days.The only other bad experiences that came about were brought on by my own behavior. I was lucky to be on an adult unit because I know what a shithole the adolescent unit was. It was nearly impossible for an adolescent to ever achieve the privledge level of "Grounds" during their entire stay. I had achieved "Grounds" within 10 weeks by being in an adult unit. My observations of how the adolescent unit was run could be compared to a bootcamp with the single file lines on the way to school or an event and the "sounding off" for a head count. My stay there was very helpful to me and would recommend Timberlawn to anyone who needed inpatient therapy.

Burkett might have been that way but not most the other units. The other units doled out level increases quite guardedly at best. I kept wishing I was on Burkett, because you guys had hot water, private phone calls, bathrooms with showers in your rooms, and you actually got level increases. The older units for the most part did not  and most other units you came in on Suicide Watch, Large Lounge, then Large Lounge + Cafeteria, then something I can't remember (Classes?), then partial-USA, USA, Grounds, and was there an Off Grounds or Towns (can't remember). I got USA right before I got out. Our unit was ridiculously primitive in its facilities and its uses of levels and rules. I think Burkett even had a ping-pong table, right? The only person I would refer there was a total enemy. Actually I guess now I would have to refer them to a more rigorous program like one of the wilderness camps.

Hi! Im Elizabeth!I was in Timberlawn in 1983, I was 15, the girls adolescent ward. I had come out of baylors Adolescent ward before I came to Timberlawn, baylor was so strict and rigid that I had tried to commit suicide but really didnt want to kill myself, just thought that theyd send me to another institutkion if I caused enough trouble, anyways I tried it 3 different times, and Baylor kept me tied down to a bed in restraints for 6 months. They had me so drugged up with Thorazine that by the time I got to Timberlawn, they put me on a  couch in the big lounge and layed me down and told me I wasnt gonna do anything but sleep and eat for the enxt week. I had to sleep off all the drugs I had in me from Baylor.I had alot of the smae experiences at timberlawn as well strict and ahrd yea well, but I was so terrified of being put into restraints by that time that I was almost perfect by the time I got to Timberlawn. So I didnt get into much trouble at Timberlawn, and I was one of the lucky ones who got grounds privaleges early and was able to go to PE and we walked 2 miles a day everyday and went to the Canteen on Saturday the little store they had for us. We also had patio parties and dances with the guys alot. Itw as very strict and hard even with the parties and all that, and I have to say that alot fo people didnt have the privalges of going to dances and parties. One person was my roommate, K. she and I were real close. She was only 13 and had run away from home with her boyfriend and her parents threw her in to Timberlawn and she was scared. I was scared too and we took care of each other and showed at group meetings and stuff and sat with each other at meals times and other places alot. I suspected then that some were saying we were gay and whats interesting is that they started demonizing her to me. She was 5 feet one inch and 95 lbs and looked like a little girl and its like guys liked her naturally you know which was no big deal but they made a big deal out of it constantly accusing her of being sexually permiscous all the time and they were always putting her on guy retriction and tried to convince me that she would take my boyfriends away from me and what not. I had a boyfriend and a guyfriend and at parties I was so scarwed shed get into trouble with guys that she and I hung out together with my BF, so wed all hang out together, and I just know they were making it into something  nasty that it wasnt. The whole thing with them being paranoid about Gays and Homosexuals, i really think they were paranoid about me and my room mate because they kept demonizing her to me.Anyways if anyones interested in talking to me pelase dont hesitate to write me at [email protected]
My name is Elizabeth


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