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The Homes started by Lester Roloff

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The Homes started by Lester Roloff include:
The City of Refuge (for men), the Jubilee Home (for women), the Lighthouse (for younger men), the Rebekah Home (for teenage girls), the Anchor Home (for teenage boys), the Bethesda Home (for teenage girls), and the Peaceful Valley Home (for retired Christians).
The last work he helped to start was a mission work with American Indians, called Regeneration Reservation, which is located at Fort Thomas, Arizona.

From a website that still broadcasts the Family Altar Program (Lester Roloff's sermons):
Today the People's Baptist Church founded by the late Brother Roloff operate four homes for troubled persons: City of Refuge (men ages 26 and older), Lighthouse (men 18 to 25), and Jubilee Home (ladies 18 and older), plus a 90-day Faith Family Institute for teenage girls. Headquarters for the Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises is a 557-acre ministry complex and farm near Corpus Christi, Texas. The work also includes a local Christian day school and radio station. A mission to Native Americans, the Regeneration Reservation, cofounded by Brother Roloff, continues to proclaim the gospel in Fort Thomas, Arizona.

From the Roloff website:

Brother and Mrs. Raymond Palmer became superintendents of a new home for young girls in Corpus Christi, but because of State interference, moved the operation to Mississippi where they presently operate Happiness Hill Home For Girls. Their daughter, Cheryl, was one of the four girls who lost their lives along with Brother Roloff when his plane crashed.

Another work, the Lighthouse Prison Ministry, was started in 1997 by Brother John Downs, a graduate of the Roloff Homes in Corpus Christi. He has regular services in the Harris Country Jail and in prisons near Houston, Texas, including inmates on Death Row.

From the Fairview Baptist Church website:

Also, while in Corpus Christi he founded two rescue missions and the work for which he is best remembered, six homes for people in need. These homes are:

   1. CITY OF REFUGE: a home for women who are alcoholics and drug addicts (Note: The website got this wrong, it's a home for MEN.)
   2. JUBILEE HOME: a home for women who are alcoholics and drug addicts
   3. THE LIGHTHOUSE: a home for boys and young men with drug or alcohol problems
   4. THE REBEKAH HOME FOR GIRLS: a home for girls who are runaways, prostitutes, alcoholics or drug addicts
   5. ANCHOR HOME FOR BOYS: a home for boys who are runaways, alcoholics, or drug addicts
   6. PEACEFUL VALLEY HOME: a home for older or retired Christians

Che Gookin:
To bad he didn't crash his plane, with no one in it but him, before he founded these pits.


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