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Safe-Haven for Teens!!
« on: August 22, 2008, 07:59:08 PM »
Nebraska has figured out a way to undercut programs and save the parents a ton of money and financial/legal responsibility.

…. frustrated parents could drop off misbehaving teens or even severely disabled older children with impunity.
"Whether the kid is disabled or unruly or just being a hormonal teenager, the state is saying: 'Hey, we have a really easy option for you,"' said Adam Pertman, executive director of a New York adoption institute and a frequent critic of safe-haven laws.

Nebraska's approach is surprising because it is the last state in the nation to adopt a safe-haven law

…..lawmakers here wanted to extend the protection to all minors. And in Nebraska, that goes all the way up to age 19.

So you can just drop your teen off at any safe haven sight which are typically hospitals and just fax in or email the paperwork later.  They have it set up so you don’t have to use a vacation day or miss any work time.


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