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I am currently a student in shortridge academy. It is the worst place i have ever been, I much rather of stayed in Juvey. For all the people who used to go here there was a riot a week ago and it was fucking awesome!  :fuckoff:  :flame:


--- Quote from: "Michael William" ---Sure...
I'm obviously not a therapist so you need to consult a professional for how it ideally should be practiced.
Fuck shortridge man
There is a process of healing, one of the preliminary stages being denial. In this stage many people feel more comfortable taking a victim role and looking at the world with anger as if everyone is out to get them (which I think it is to a certain extent). The thing is many people react, as opposed to respond, when they get these feelings of being not good enough, worthless etc. and they blame other for feeling the way they do instead of being proactive. Some issues are very hard to deal with even with SA to help BUT Its even harder to deal with unless you have an avenue (like SRA).
SRA tries to help identify the issues, sometimes even labeling them for a student. I would say, for me at least, SA established more of a framework to enable me to look at the issues. They gave me ideas and passed along critical feedback in the process. Again, the process is never perfect, and again said person has to be willing to grow-up emotionally otherwise it won't work. There has to be an inner commitment and a desire for improvement, which is why wilderness programs are recommended before entering shortridge.
The blame concept is perhaps mis-phrased/misunderstood. What it means is not taking responsibility for ones reactions that are based on personal insecurities and denial of ones ownership of the issue.
Hope this clarifies...
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Nothing comes easy. Academy’s programs are made for youth’s positive development. It increases the positive and decreases the negative behavior of the students. It is based on PYD (Positive Youth Development). the age of the students in this level is so sensitive, and I think the school should have resolute rules.


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