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--- Quote from: "worried" ---Would anyone be willing to write an email to his parents warning them of what goes on there?
--- End quote ---

If you can't find anybody willing on the myspace group, i'll do it...  I'll do the research and contact them. PM/email me.


--- Quote from: "worried" ---Alumni, PLEASE inform me of what goes on at this school.
--- End quote ---

Seems like a pretty small place.  Not sure there are any alumni here.  Try the myspace group, and if that fails, as i've said above, i'll do some research, contact those kids, interview em, and email the parents my findings.

Che Gookin:
Got an inside line that Bruce Wilson, RMA Fame, helped set up Shortridge. The personal recollection coming from my source says that Bruce was a nice enough guy.

Looking over the website their workshops take on that familiar RMA-esque feel though.


Hard to say either way, but given RMA's legacy I'd be concerned.

Yes, Bruce did help start shortridge. I personally don't have any fond memories of him. He was generally quiet mannered and was the local 'ranch hand'. He was known to consistently explode like a volcano in raps. I also don't think he believed in the shit that he was yelling at kids. Therefore, his angry indictments served to do nothing more than intimidate kids.  I always thought it was incestuous that he married Dan Earle's daughter. I've never understood people dipping their pen in company ink. Sure, Bonners Ferry was in the middle of nowhere and there weren't any decent looking broads in Boundary County. But, hey, you chose to live and work there. That's the price you pay. You'll never convince me that living in the woods justifies banging your bosses daughter.

Looks like Bruce is no longer mentioned on the shortridge website. Did they part ways amicably ? Did he got bored of taking orders from a former student? Who knows. I think I recall reading here that he moved to another CEDU clogram back in ID.

It looks like they modified the propheet program. They claim most of them are 2 day events. Who knows if they are truly are 2 days? If they are the good old fashion 24 hour marathon (8pm to 7Pm ) then not much has changed.  

CEDU was therapeutic Alchemy.Their twisted marathons relied on sleep deprivation to melt us down and convert us to stockholmy stepfordian zombies. Remember how, even after a brief, 2 minute conversation of no importance, with a friend we couldn't part ways without looking someone deeply in the eyes and saying " I love you man, with all my heart. You really support my inner child. No seriously, I really, really, love you."

Rocky Mountain Academy (CEDU) does indeed appear to be the founding incentive of Shortridge (short shrift?) Academy. Here is their short bio of founder/director Adam Rainer:

--- Quote --- ADAM RAINER, Founder & Director
B.A., Psychology & Philosophy, University of Denver
MBA, Southern Methodist University

Adam relates, first-hand, with the students and parents who struggle with the issues that can come with being a teenager or a parent of one. Shortly after graduating from Rocky Mountain Academy, a therapeutic boarding school in Idaho, Adam realized that his personal life mission was to help other teenagers struggling to find success in life. For over ten years, he has been preparing for, and realizing his vision of, opening his own emotional growth boarding school that is now Shortridge Academy. While planning this endeavor, he sharpened his business sense and managing style by working in business, commercial real estate, and financial markets for seven years. Today, he maintains very strong relationships with his parents and family, largely due to his experience at boarding school. Adam is a sport and outdoor enthusiast. He and his wife Katie are the proud parents of twins.

--- End quote ---

Some more snippets and other influences of note include:

SARAH WAGNER, Academic Director: "...she is dedicated to challenging students to excel intellectually and emotionally in the school environment. She has also participated in team-building and leadership education as a program administrator, teacher, and trip-leader. Sarah has been with Shortridge Academy since its inception in July of 2002 (before there were even kids)!"
That M. Ed. in Educational Leadership would be from Union Institute and University.

DAVID HASKELL, LMHC, Director of Student Life: "Within his roles as a behavioral specialist, substance abuse counselor, and mental health counselor, David has worked with children, teens, individuals, and families. He also specialized in the reunification of children with their families. David is an experienced Crisis Consultant and Emergency Room clinician. Before coming to Shortridge, David was employed as the Clinical Director of a residential program and therapeutic day school."
Not sure why his name sounds familiar to me, perhaps mention thereof might trigger someone else's memory...

AMY FULLER, Counselor: "...Amy then became a Counselor and Assistant Team Leader at Northwest Academy, where she co-facilitated counseling groups and emotional growth workshops."
BTW, that B.A. in Psychology from California State University is still in progress. But I guess ya don't need one for this job...

SHELLY ISPAN-LAING, Student Life Coordinator: "...worked as a Wilderness Counselor and a Peer Group Leader for the Academy at Swift River. Most recently Shelly was a Team Leader at AIM House, a transitional living facility for young adults in Boulder, Colorado."

MIKE STRADER, Counselor: "As a graduate of Rocky Mountain Academy himself, Mike pursued a career in mentoring and counseling youth. He brings nine years of experience in therapeutic education, beginning with his counseling experience as a Wilderness Counselor at Hidden Lake Academy in Georgia. Mike enhanced his career by becoming a Program Mentor and advancing to the level of Assistant Phase Leader for the lower school phase at Mount Bachelor Academy (MBA) in Oregon. In his last three years at MBA, he served in a role equivalent to Dean of Students as he led special projects, supported all phases and counselors, and facilitated emotional growth workshops..."


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