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Where did the other KHK board go?

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Yeah, DP, that's my take on it too. Not only that but all of us who know something about the Seed/Straight/KHK brands could be keeping an eye on DFAF as well as Gateway Foundation and other related entities. Not that everybody should be or become an activist, but it helps a LOT to just have an idea what these sadistic lunatics are up to. It's you tax dollars at work, after all.


--- Quote from: "Antigen" ---Yeah, I haven't gotten a whole lot of happy feedback for this. I'm trying to bring the conversation together rather than have a whole lot of seperate convos about essentially the same things. It's gotten to the point already where it's difficult for anybody to find info that they may be actively looking for because you have to check a dozen different pages. I just can't think of another way to solve that problem. Can you?
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No, and I see your point.  I know that KHK is very similar to Straight, I mean same lingo, five phases, etc etc etc, even the same fucking building BUT that is not what I was trying to say.  I guess I liked the seperate KHK board for connecting with other people who went through the same program, maybe know the same people, know the ghost stories about the building, etc.  I guess more like a community thing than a protest thing.  I mean all the protest stuff being on that board is good too, but I liked it for other reasons.  I guess that it would be tedious and impossible to try to organize and seperate forums like that though, so to the straight forum I go.  

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--- Quote from: "hp456" ---So there is nothing seperate for KHK except this one? Are those topics listed seperately, or do I need to go digging? I know that KHK and straight have a lot of similarities, but I liked being able to be specific to KHK, even if the numbers seem very small, especially compared to straight. This is probably why it was all merged (forums I mean), but KHK was its own thing. And I guess now really its own thing since it wasn't straight, and KHK doesn't really exsit anymore after the merge with PFC. Not sure where I was going with this....
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HP456- What program did ye attend? I completely disagree with you. Kids Helping Kids is exactly the same thing as Straight Inc.
A few minor differences between them are simply "name changes". I do not mean to say just the names of the programs changing either, I mean names of rules changing but still sharing the same meanings....etc...
I visited straight Inc. on Gandy blvd. in St. Pete, when I was still involved with KHK and I can tell first hand as an eyewitness that both programs are identical!
thank you....hope this clears things up for you.

p.s. let me tell you another thing...they all still exist!!!!
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To clarify what I meant about KHK being its own thing and being gone is that the atmosphere of the place has changed since the merger.  It's totally different even if it is still the same, if that makes any sense.  I just mean the EXACT place that I went through doesn't exist anymore.  That's nothing new of course, I'm just joining the ranks of all the straight people bc straight no longer exists, even if its 'offspring' do.  I guess since I graduated recently it seems very individual?  Even though its just the next step in the chain

Che Gookin:
What would it hurt to give them a child board on the main Straight forum? It would take you like 2 minutes to set it up Ginger. Conversely, the CAN forum isn't all about rabble rousing and protesting either. Nothing wrong with hanging out and socializing here. The building of a community has its own merits as well.


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