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Program Parents: Types and Psyches

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Che Gookin:
Venting... YOU CALL IT VENTING?  :o

To true though.. that dude is off the chain strange. Reminds me of a case of a dad I encountered at 3 springs.

He wasn't the worst guy I ever met, but he did seem to enjoy the idea of his son doing consequences. On parents day he'd get all sort of excited about his boy doing some hard labour details. I really wondered about the guy, but in the end I think it worked out ok as I tried to make it a point to remind the guy that accentuating the positive goes a great deal farther.

Of course the 3 springs methodology included taking away certain perks of parents day from the kids if they were showing their asses and completely ignoring the fact that they were showing their asses because they were scared out of their mind about parent' day visitations.

So this kid got most of his activities taken away and was going to have to spend the whole day doing nothing and watching his parents from the distance.

This bothered me.

So I put the kid on quiet time for the whole day before and made him chop wood away from the group. Every 20 minutes he behaved and chopped wood he earned back another activity. He earned them all back before lunchtime. It was a pleasure letting him know this the next day about 5 minutes before his parents showed up. I nearly had to tape him to a wall to keep him from bouncing off everything. heh.. excitable young man to say the least.

The worst parents in my experience are the parents who are so negative about their kids that they can no longer take joy or pride in the fact that their children can succeed. These parents scare me the most.

When all else fails.. FOR the love of god.. PLEASE remember that kids, adults, everyone thrives off positive affirmation. Take it upon yourself to praise your kids.. take it upon yourself to do things with your kids.. Most parents I suspect don't understand or can't communicate with their children because they don't take it upon themselves to do much of anything with their kids in the first place.

Why ship your kid off to the cubscouts to go camping when you can take him yourself?

I don't have a problem with kids playing video games.. I like playing them myself.. but why not get one of those nifty X-box systems where you can throw down with your kid?

Take your frustration out on him in mortal combat yo.. I mean then you can tear his heart out and kick it around without getting arrested.

Another thing that surprises me is how few people make it a priority to eat together as a family. Doesn't have to be every meal, but man.. What a missed opportunity to engage each other in conversation and to give praise for events that have occurred that day.

Of course, parents like Zen describes.. well not much you can do with them other than my one size fits all therapy for them. I mean really.. do we need to have a selection of shovels to dig the hole? I think we only need one size of shovel.. and a .45 works for just about everything.

Sam Kinison:
In spite of the suicides and premature involuntary deaths,my mother,30 years later,thinks Str8 saved my life.She thinks that she did a great thing putting me in there.The fact that not one of my real issues were treated and all were caused by substance experimentation/abuse and when this started to surface five or six years after my departure,I became a high risk suicide statistic.She thinks that me not being a user today was because of the time I was in Str8.The fact that I'm not,nor never was,an addict never occurs to her and the therapy was horseshit because how can treating a non existent problem ever be contorted to be called therapy?How can having life altering decisions being left in the hands of a bunch of unqualified basket cases be a good thing?The worst thing.......NOTHING will ever open her eyes.

type=Abusive in my case.Then and now! That feels good to get off my chest. If anyone can provide me housing for a few weeks in Denver or Boulder please let me know. I have to get away from them.

Would Katie Carter's parents be considered abusive or cult members?

Mine would be a mix between inadqeuete and abuse/controller.


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