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That's the name of a great Rap compilation done in the early 90's. I think it's appropriate for these kind of forums, check it out.  I was in the Straight in Springfield,Va. back in 1987. Fortunately, I was able to manipulate a couple of people and downright outsmart my captors. I wriggled out the window that was INSIDE the shower. This was the only unalarmed window in the house. Thank the Universe it was on the first floor! After a little over two months in that place,however,I think I woulda risked it even if it was higher up. Wait a sec., scratch that. I DEFINATELY would have. I was seventeen years old. I was never captured, so as many others before me, I was on my way to runnin',hidin',hidin',runnin'. It fu#@in' sucked! My mother to this day doesn't know what happened in there. When I try to tell her a few things, she always cuts me off and says,"I just didn't know what else to do". Well....... that's fine and dandy, I get that part now. What I want is a little validation for what I was put through. I'm 32 now, I don't need to hear,"I was doin' my best" and what-not. A simple "sorry" and a hug go a long way with this old-school Straitling. Use essential oils ya'll! It's the purest form of healing medicine there is. This is a fact.

i feel you anon that is the "pat" excuse my family used for years and at 27 i still have resentments as a parent now i am going to do more then my best for my son!

Papa man, is that you? and if so, how is the poetry coming?  Good to hear you post.


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