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Sue Scheff on Her Book, PURE and Parenting Today


Video of Sue Scheff being interviewed about her book, PURE and advice for parents

July 16, 2008

* sorry i posted this in old thread

So ....just the other day Im sittin in borders....and lo and behold is a copy of a twits end,and as im not about to buy it,I decided to give it a parusal.......and what a load of crap it truly is,sue comes of as a woman who cant keep a relationship,and kind of a control freak when it came to raising kids, a person who "lives"their dreams thru their kids..she sent her own kid away for basically normal kid bullshit...and bein kinda a goth she gave up on raising her kid and shipped her to monkeyfarm "a" then bitched about that and shipped her to monkeyfarm "b" short order Ill never get the 15 minutes back that I wasted on that preachy crap,and I feel slightly more stupid for the effort.

Does any body know what sue scheffs level of education is,or is shipping her kids off to a monkeyfarm her sole qualification? :moon:

Have you read anything from that bound batch of asswipes Sue calls a book?  Bitch had to have dropped out in the third grade.  Good news is At Shit's End sold like chocolate covered turds.  It sold less copies than a lot of vanity pressings, which it kinda is.  The money Sue paid out for the infomercial on Lifetime could have been spent on a new pool boy.  You know, to snake her drains and such.  Sue likes pool boys.


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