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I can't understand why info was deleted....hmmm

Wow!  I stumbled apon this forum about, what, 2 or 3 years ago.  I can't believe people are still posting.  I was involved, almost obsessed at first, and then I had to disappear. Ihaven't been  back to this sight for well over a year. I was diagnosed with PTSD,largely from my experienceat MMS,and revisting this sight  constantly was causing a lot of angst.  My therapist at the time felt stongly that I should make itmy life's mission to bring MMSdown, to speak out, to fight.  I decided that route may be for some (thank you kat) but that it was causing me more harm than good. If any of you were  there from 94-96, you probably remember me and and were glad  you weren'tme.  I was truly one of John's first "pet projects."  My entire  college thesis was dedicated to my interactions with John, the confussion, the fear.  THere was enough material for an entire book.  Anyway, hello to anyone I might know.  claire

It's closing it's doors.  The pressure became too great and i'm sure with all the bad publicity, they had  a few things to respond to  or perhaps someone was able to take them to court?  John Mercer is such a fraud.  You should see the letter they sent out!  They have no idea of what real exhaustion is!

We didn't delete anything on purpose. Our gracious host who took us in in times of trouble went toes up. Our backup strategy was shamefully lacking and, well, we haven't been able to find anybody who has access to the posts made after the last backup. We'll try to do a better job from now on.

If you want to help, help find us some sponsors. I'll be working some bit on how best to place hand picked ads, one of which will read "Your ad here". I don't mean to seem like a money grubber, but honestly the one thing that takes my time and attention away from better administering this site is the need to keep on eating and living indoors.


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