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German round 2 - Stalingrad aka Catherine Freer


The second round of "Teenager ausser kontrolle" aka Brat Camp is going to be at Cathrine Freer, the wilderness program where the teenagers die!

Who is the german going to send?

Serie burglar Andreas E. - age 15
Drug user David P. - age 17
Manbeater or street fighter Dzeneta B. - age 15
Gang-member Kevin O. - age 15
New-Nazi Kurt Z. - age 16
Drug dealer Pascal S. - age 17
High School drop-out Stacy G. - age 17
Runaway Vivien T. - age 16

I am surprised that the German Television company have chosen a wilderness program with poor posibility of survival.

I am going to find a bookmaker so I can bet on their survival rate.


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