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Who's showing their ass up to raise hell in March?

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Baby Cakes:
I want to get a running tally going. I'll be there obviously, but i want to get a list together so we can all see. Grok requests your RSVPs as soon as possible.

1. baby cakes
2. che

Che Gookin:
I'm in of course.

Let's be keeping the exact date off the forum. If you want to know more PM Baby Cakes or drop me an email at [email protected].. all means lets get our confirmations here

Baby Cakes:
ummmmmm..........HELLO??? is anyone paying attention? pickle mire, you're coming. i need to know who else.

Che Gookin:
have you emailed any of the usual suspects yet? mabye we ought to get an email chain going?

Where @


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