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Che Gookin:
Botched Programming and I had the following convo about fliers...

--- Quote ---
[Today at 06:55:26 PM] Botched Programming: you gonna help me out with making a standard flyer???

[Today at 06:55:44 PM] Che Gookin: be happy to.

[Today at 06:55:55 PM] Che Gookin: a good  1 page flyer is a better bet anyway.

[Today at 06:56:04 PM] Che Gookin: the entire orange papers might be a bit much.

[Today at 06:56:17 PM] Botched Programming: I'll pm you my real e-mail address

[Today at 06:56:26 PM] Che Gookin: you have yahoo or msn?

[Today at 06:56:39 PM] Botched Programming: yea... I sorta butchered it to suit my own need

[Today at 06:56:56 PM] Botched Programming: nah... just my work e-mail

[Today at 06:57:12 PM] Che Gookin: I hear you there.

[Today at 06:57:32 PM] Che Gookin: ok.. well what exactly where you thinking of getting across to these said dophers?

[Today at 06:57:50 PM] Che Gookin: you just want them to read the orange papers?

[Today at 06:58:31 PM] Botched Programming: nah... we want it to reflect any thing we can think of

[Today at 06:58:47 PM] Botched Programming:  can include different websites as reference

[Today at 07:00:11 PM] Botched Programming: We can talk about losing freedom of choice by being in treatment centers

[Today at 07:00:15 PM] Che Gookin: yeah.. well what would make you think?

[Today at 07:00:28 PM] Che Gookin: gotta hit them in the first few sentences.. or you've lost them.

[Today at 07:00:57 PM] Che Gookin: What is the biggest criticism of AA by active members?

[Today at 07:01:10 PM] Botched Programming: and brainwashing techniques used by treatment centers that are followed up by 12 step programming

[Today at 07:01:31 PM] Che Gookin: See you'd loose them with that if you slap them in the face with it.

[Today at 07:01:56 PM] Che Gookin: you have to start them on the road of catching a clue.. can't stuff it up their ass no matter how tempting.

[Today at 07:02:31 PM] Botched Programming: We should create a think tank in YLF

[Today at 07:03:08 PM] Che Gookin: Well I want to do that for Teen Challenge for sure.

[Today at 07:03:48 PM] Botched Programming: But I do want to deliver more papers for sure

[Today at 07:04:10 PM] Che Gookin: I have to say the common denominator amongst all of these is lack of freedom of expression

[Today at 07:04:29 PM] Che Gookin: like in AA if you talk about something not alky related it is considered "cross talk".

[Today at 07:04:58 PM] Che Gookin: Teen Challenge is pretty much if you don't start with Jesus and end with Jesus you are in deep doo doo.

[Today at 07:05:38 PM] Che Gookin: I think playing on that theme of lack of freedom of expression could tap into a vien of resentment and get some decent results.

[Today at 07:05:56 PM] Botched Programming: The big thing that I experienced in NA was how working the steps was the only thing that was going to change your life

[Today at 07:06:38 PM] Che Gookin: yeah.

[Today at 07:07:00 PM] Che Gookin: well I suggest playing on both themes, but be brief and quick about it.

[Today at 07:07:05 PM] Botched Programming: also the thought that if one ever used again the only result is Jails, Institutions, and death

[Today at 07:07:25 PM] Che Gookin: and then provide somel links for them to follow up on

[Today at 07:08:36 PM] Che Gookin: thing is... you have to change content every few weeks.

[Today at 07:08:43 PM] Botched Programming: Which of our people can clearly articulate this stuff and put it in a soft gently way???

[Today at 07:08:52 PM] Che Gookin: ummm... hmmmm Not me.

[Today at 07:09:09 PM] Che Gookin: the question is less Articulation.. and more catchy.

[Today at 07:09:09 PM] Botched Programming: the most soft spoken is the one loudest heard

[Today at 07:09:44 PM] Che Gookin: and sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.

[Today at 07:09:57 PM] Botched Programming: true

[Today at 07:10:15 PM] Botched Programming: well time to fly.... hit me up tomorrow

[Today at 07:10:32 PM] Che Gookin: deffo... I'

[Today at 07:10:51 PM] Che Gookin: I'll start a think tank thread on the YLF forum.

[Today at 07:10:56 PM] Che Gookin: get this rolling.

--- End quote ---

Let's get some ideas going for some hard hitting fliers..


Find ways to generate doubt, and then give them the means to exercise it and find out the facts for themselves.

Find different ways to go for people who are either new to the koolaid, or have been in on it a while.

Be clear and to the point.

Che Gookin:
1 picture speaks a thousand words.

Use their own dogma against them.  Cite the professional opinions debunking their cult-ish ways.  ICSA's library is a fine place to look for info on the twelve-stepping teetotalitarians.

Che Gookin:
Perhaps you can post some specific examples of this to get the ball rolling?


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