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Liam's documentary is coming to LA and San Fran


Baby Cakes:
Hey kids, so one of my best friends from RMA is helping Liam out with his documentary, and Liam is going to be in LA staying with her for a few weeks...she wanted me to put a call out to any CEDU/RMA folk (grads or not) who'd be able to get to LA on Saturday March 1st to be a part of the documentary. It's not going to be anything really heavy, no indictments or smooshing or anything like that...we'd all just go down to the production studio and talk about our experiences with the varied day to day weirdness that was the typical Mel Wasserman program, and generally get to know eachother. She'll provide food (veggie, non-veggie, vegan, blah blah) and maybe some beer, just to loosen up or whatever, but no hard liquor (that might come later if the mood strikes). It'd be like one or two hours Saturday afternoon. If any of you are interested, respond here or PM me and we'll get everything sorted. Once we know who's in we can figure out if carpooling's an option, and she and I will both help coordinate that as needed. Thanks!

PS. She also asked me to include the dates that they're going to be up in the Bay area, so if there are any of you up there that haven't already spoken with Liam or Jessica, the dates are March 7th and 8th. PM me if you want to be involved and I'll get you guys connected.

Che Gookin:
Awesome.. we need more projects like this.. Thanks for bringing this up Baby Cakes.


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