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Botched Programming goes nuclear on NA

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Che Gookin:
Just a few weeks ago Botched Programming utilizing covert tactics made his way to a local(florida) NA meeting site. Upon arrival Botched seeded the windshields of the NA members with copies of the Orange paper.

Job well done Botched.. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this sort of activity.

Botched Programming:
It was pretty fun getting to do it, however I need some help on creating a better flyer as I cut bits and pieces from the Orange Paper website. But I am sure I got my point across.

Since I live in a town that is over run with drug rehabs, I want to be a busy man hitting all these AA/NA/CA/SLAA/SA/MA/or what ever other "A" meetings there may be here as there are too many meeting facilities in a 20+ mile radius around me. I may even hit the half-way house parking lots as there are too many of those to count as well.

If anyone wants to share their inputs on creating a good flyer, please PM me.

Che Gookin:
Botched... this is awesome... keep it up...

Botched, maybe you'd be into posting some of the ideas that you've come up with to this thread... It could become a collaborative effort; I've been wanting something good to hand out to the goddam DARE people that stand out and hawk that crap out in front of the fucking WALMART...anyway, just a thought...

Che Gookin:
Points out the think tank thread... hint hint.. go get them Froddy.


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