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GabbyGirl plants boot in Hephzibah House

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Che Gookin:

Well done Gabby... be patient and give it some time.. Your website will be at the top of the google ratings before you know it.

Keep up the great work.

thanks!  i've been getting some positive feedback from the authorities in indiana finally!  i just really need to find some girls (or just A GIRL) who has been @ Hephzibah recently and can attest to abuse still going on.  so if anyone knows anyone who has been to Hephzibah House, please let me know!!!  thanks!

Che Gookin:
You'll be the first to know if I meet a recent survivor of the home.

okay, now the hephzibah people are just plain pissing me off!!!!!!!!  not only did they subject thousands of girls to outright abuse, but now they want to rub it in our faces!  we come and talk and vent and try to find others who understand on these forums!  now some person named "pat" from Indiana (coincidence???)
comes to our Topix forum and tells us all what a bunch of losers we are...oh wait, "fruitcakes and failures".
that part was almost humorous cuz everyone jumped all over her case in an instant.  but now the person goes and deletes several pages of posts!!!!!!!!!!   :'(

Che Gookin:
This is why you should always remember to quote the gomers ahead of time. That way even if they delete their posts they can't delete their posts when it has been quoted.


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