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Don't know much about this place except that it's apparently everywhere....

Oh, and apparently they're linked to our good friends at the DFAF:

"Teen Challenge is the only group of programs endorsed by the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF)."

Maybe this place could use a 'raid.'

Anne Bonney:
My ex (a Straight vet) was sent there a couple years back vs. jail.  HEAVY on the religion and peer culture.  They send the inmates out to do 'volunteer' detailing, house painting, odd jobs contracted through TC.  The money goes into TC.  They also get fairly large donations of goods and services.  Most of the goods end up taken by the employees, from what he said.  A ton of food and sundries, cd players and other smaller electronics.

Florida alone... ... =9#results

This is where my ex went.

Bay Area Teen Challenge
1410 East Lake Road N.
Tarpon Springs, FL  34688
Phone: (727) 937-1033
Fax: (727) 934-6135    Email:
Center Type: Adult Center (Induction/Training)
Gender: Male

I take it your ex was no longer a teen, but nonetheless he was sent to 'Teen' Challenge.

Anne Bonney:
Yeah, this was about 4 years or so ago.  They have them for all ages.  They've apparently gone global too.

Like I said...heavy on the religion.  Part of W's faith based crap.

The Program

Teen Challenge programs have been developed to encourage the student to cope with everyday life issues. Students typically rise between 5:45 and 6:15am. Devotions, Bible Reading, and Chapels are essential elements of the program as well as discipleship training during an average day. Secondary education is provided in all adolescent programs.

There is generally very little free or unsupervised time as this has been found to be a hindrance to the successful progress of the student. Three healthy meals are provided throughout the day and students are provided a variety of work assignments to complete. This full day of activity normally ends between 10:00 and 10:30pm.

In the early phase of the program, several studies of the Teen Challenge curriculum, Group Studies for New Christians are taught. These cover many of the basic issues regarding discipleship, basic Christian living, and character development. Personal Studies for New Christians contracts may also be used to influence specific issues in the individual.

In the latter phase, students will be involved in more in-depth Bible study and issues basic to daily Christian living based on a Biblical worldview. The classes provide instruction on practical Christian living, intensive bible studies, and the responsibility of the Christian to the community.

Upon graduation, students are made aware of educational and ministry opportunities in their local community colleges and churches. Although pursuing higher education has obvious benefits for any individual, it is vital that the Church has a place for those in the after care process. Continuing involvement in the local church is critical to the on-going development of any believer, especially those who have come through the battleground of addiction.

Call today for more information 417-862-6969.

Owned an operated by the Asemblies of God church.

Teen Challenge is a 12-15 month program ran by the Assemblies of God!  They have had complaints of physical, mental, and spiritual abuse, and have provided endless non-factual statistics about the success rate of  their program.   Teen challenge incarcerates children for a year or more without due process and without the civil liberties afforded even to prisoners of war.


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