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Youth Rights UK Manifesto
« on: January 21, 2008, 07:31:21 AM »

Youth Rights UK aims to provide commentary about matters effecting the rights of young people in the UK. The site aims to provide a voice for young people whose rights are being abused. Focus is on:

Excesses in punishments for young offenders. For example surveillance and/or detention based punishments which far from rehabilitating lead to a destruction in morale and more offending.

The tendancy to extend these kinds of progammes to young people who are deemed to be 'at risk' of offending before any offences have been committed. This is recruiting children into the surveillance and control industry to ensure the continued need for this industry.

Practices which are abusive and offensive to human dignity such as tagging, in any circumstances

The use of control orders against young people, and their parents, for minor offences which challenge the authority of police, teachers and council officers, or which cause irritation and annoyance to neighbours - the 'anti-social' behaviour campaign. Social responsibility is very important; but is not taught by surveillance, punishment and prison. It is taught by positive adult example in the community. Public funds should be freed to resource this, not spent on the control industry.

The tendancy to always seek authoritarian solutions to social problems. For example new legislation that enables head teachers to issue fines to parents whose children do not attend school and imprisoning parents for failing to compel their children to attend school.

The trend towards accepting surveillance as an everyday part of life; for example finger-printing systems used in schools for checking the register, and use of drug testing and sniffer dogs in schools. Surveillance depersonalises relationships and should not be an ordinary part of everyday life.

Use of drugs to control hyperactive children. Understanding and time, not adult convenience and drug company profit should be the response to these children.

We aim to challenge the excesses of power used against children and young people by accurate reporting of the facts, by argument and by protest. Currently we believe that protest should be within the law.

We note the comment by Albert Camus. "In a curious reversal peculiar to our age when evil dons the appareil of innocence it is innocence which is called upon to justify itself". We aim to take up that challenge.
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