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Teens Escape Thayer / hunted down by K-9 unit


Teens Escape Thayer Learning Center

Reported by: Andy House
Monday, Jan 7, 2008 @10:04pm CST

It was a brief taste of freedom for four teens from the Thayer learning center in Kidder.

Three 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old escaped from the boot-style camp Saturday night around 8 o'clock.

Officers and K-9 cops tracked the kids to Cameron outside of a home near Highway 36 where they were taken into custody.

The link has video available. The kid's names are: Counelis, Alford, Klocek and Whitlock.

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HahA!!!  I wAs in line with they ran! That was klosek,whitlock n cant remember the others but that night was so funny!!! Boy did tlc suck!  Remember parents you couldnt survive there so why expect your kids to?

Cadet Olson:  did you go home when the place closed?  Where did all the kids go when it closed?

bethany goodrich:
its about time the place closed i was there from 04 to 05 and we had one cadet atempt to run he stole a car and a shot gun and was out then we had the riot where the owners and gards beat the shit out of those kids and it should have shut down back then would have saved alot of kids from going through the abuse what about the death of cadet Reyes nothing waas done for that kid. the should have closed a long long time ago!


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