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I am the mother of Nicole Helene Deniken, my child who last November, 2002 as a teen was illegally sent out of our beloved country of America to an institute, Academy at Dundee Ranch, Costa Rica that raped and pillaged her mind, body, and soul. As a mother, cultural psychologist, and music promoter,I travelled and networked in Costa Rica for 3 months to close Dundee. By Nicole's 15th birthday, May 23, 2003, WWASP's Academy at Dundee Ranch was officially closed.

In response to this sinister system of boot camps, institutes, and schools of reform and with the will and power of our ever redeeming Lord, I will be staging musical concerts across this nation to make aware the cultural epidemic of Neo-Nazi homeland reform destroying our children and families in these United States. I will begin this rock and roll crusade in Greenville, North Carolina in late August, 2003.

If you are a survivor of ANY INSTITUTE MODIFYING TEENAGE BEHAVIOR IN OR OUT OF AMERICA, PLEASE CONSIDER TRAVELING TO GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA. I will be seeking medical help for all those afflicted with POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER from these instituted halls of horror which are sickly profitting by annihilating the very spirit of our country, the spirit of our beautiful and healthy children in America.

If you are interested in the update of my work in which I have dedicated my life, please share with me your his-story or her-story at

[email protected]

God Bless to you all.
None of you deserved to be hurt in this way.

In Peace with You All Ways,


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