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Krug-Bot model #001 FAQ
« on: January 11, 2008, 09:32:50 AM »
Q: Will my Krug-bot have the molestation power's programmed in as the orginal prototype?

A: No, your Krug-Bot will be a down scaled version of the original.

Q: What shall I expect of my Krug-Bot's abilities vs the orginal Krug-Bot?

A: Your Krug-Bot will have most of the capabilites as the orginal Krug-Bot, minus the prototype program (Feelings) which is currently being experimented in the original Krug-Bot.

Q: Now that I recieved my Krug-Bot, what shall I order it to do?

A: Your Krug-Bot is capable of performing many tasks around the house. It comes standard with a GI bucket which can be used as a cleaning tool or a SP weapon.

Q: Is the Krug-Bot's vocubulary programable.

A: No, currently the only speech the Krug-Bot is capable of saying is (Hi yuh yuh yuh ). The IMR is currently working on a speech upgrade option that should be made available June of 2010.

Q: When I unpackaged my Krug-Bot it immediately upon powering up tried to grab my genitals.

A: Your Krug-Bot will try to grab at the genitalia area if it is in close contact of any type of genitalia. (Approx, 3 Ft.)

Q: Can my Krugt-Bot interact with other Krug-Bots?

A: It is not advisable to introduce your Krug-Bot to another Krug-Bot unless it has the (friends) program downloaded into it's HDD. Krug-Bots running version 1.0 will not interact friendly towards each other. An update is available via the Krug-Bot website, it is recommended you download the latest update if you are going to have your Krug-Bot interact with other Krug-Bots.

Q: What can I expect in future upgrades for my Krug-bot?

A: The IMR is currently working on many applications for your Krug-bot for future upgrades. the first in the series of upgrades that will be made available will be the (eye's facing floor option). This option will mimic TCK as he always has his eyes facing the ground. the other options will be speech add-ons. Scheduled for Feb 14 2008 is an upgrade where your Krug-Bot will now be able to say. (Hi, how are you, hi, how are you). There also will be a genitalia sniffing option, where as your Krug-Bot will be able to identify species by sniffing genitalia's. the other options are TBA at a later date.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my Krug-bot to Elan to participate in a GM/Ring?

A: Yes, it is recommended provided you are running the latest update in software to bring your Krug-bot to elan and have it interact in GM/Rings. Also do not forget your Krug-Bots GI bucket, you never know if you will be asked to SP a corner person.

Q: My Krug-bot is walking around in circles saying (Hi yuh yuh yuh), what does this mean?

A: Your Krug-Bot needs to be recharged, please plug in your Krug-Bot to an outlet and let it fully recharge. Once recharged it will say (hi yuh yuh yuh) every 30 seconds.

Q: Is my Krug-bot capable of driving an automobile or operate machinery?

A: No, your Krug-bot cannot operate any type of automobile and is highly not recommended. However, your Krug-Bot can be upgraded to ride Buffalos and Horses, please contact the IMR for further instructions on how to achieve this task. As far as machinery goes, your Krug-bot can operate a vacuum, broom, GI toilets, and make hospital corner bed sheets. It is not recommeded to assign your Krug-Bot to pan detail until you water proof it with special IMR water sealant.

Q: Where can I find the style of sweaters that TCK wears, so I can outfit my Krug-bot with the same sweater?

A: Any salavation army store/bin. Second hand clothing retailers and garage sales.

Q: Can my Krug-Bot with stand oral penetration?

A: No, TCK attempted this several times and the Krug-Bot malfunctioned every time.

Q: Is the IMR currently planning on releasing any other type of Bots in the future?

A: Yes, the IMR is currently working on a Kickapoo-Bot which will serve as a young wife to your Krug-Bot. there is also plans on releasing a Rowe-Bot, Terry-Bot, Gott-Bot, Flynn-bot, Dumb Dunn-Bot, Rosendope-Bot, and Leroy-Bot. Each will serve a purpose once all of the Bots are together. For instance, the Gott-Bot will organize and will be capable of running a general meeting, while the Flyn-Bot and Dumb Dunn-Bot will degrade male teens at the general meeting. The Gott-Bot will also have built in LED's in it's head which will be able to change colors upon the mood it's in. It will also house an imitation salvia gland which will enable it to spit while running a GM. The Rowe-Bot will be capable of hitting on teenage girls and come standard with a vindictive program.
The LeRoy-Bot will be capable of tracking down any spilts and also be able to widdle objects out of wood. the Rosendope-Bot will be a scary looking Bot which will be capable of realeasing smoke froms it's mouth to simulate smoking. It will also come with a syringe where as you shoot it up in the arm or leg to lubricate it. The Terry-Bot will be the puppet master of all the Bots and will be capable of delegating all the Bot's to run tasks without human involvement.
There is also plans for a Clare-Bot, but the IMR wants to release it along with a limited edtion of a  Ricci-Bot which will come with a price tag.

Q: Is it possible to bring my Krug-Bot to Elan and have TCK autograph it?

A: Yes, TCK will update via his myspace account as to when and where autograph sessions will take place.

Q: Why does my Krug-Bot feel to have deflated hands?

A: Your Krug-Bots hands can be infalted with air to simulate TCK's swollen hands. It is more for show, as with the hands inflated your Krug-Bot my have difficulty completing certain tasks.
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Krug-Bot model #001 FAQ
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2008, 11:27:08 AM »
::roflmao::  ::roflmao::   :tup:

Can I program my Krug-Bot to perform in video clips for YouTube?
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Krug-Bot model #001 FAQ
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2008, 05:09:20 PM »
I just got an update that Marty was not satified with his previous version of the Krug-Bot and has hired a team of scientest to build one that would withstand abuse and be able to dish it out as well.

Here is a peak what my sources have sent.

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Krug-Bot model #001 FAQ
« Reply #3 on: January 11, 2008, 07:04:57 PM »
TCK: Please drop down your drawers. You have 20 seconds to comply.

TCK: Hi yuh yuh yuh , hi yuh yuh yuh!
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