Author Topic: Front End Loads and 12-b1's. Sucking TBS pole for $.  (Read 6961 times)

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Front End Loads and 12-b1's. Sucking TBS pole for $.
« on: December 18, 2007, 11:52:49 AM »
The damn TBS industry needs to be regulated like the SEC regulates the financial industry.

Every investment advisor, broker, planner is required by law to provide a prospectus and full fee dislosure to their clients. Granted it's buried deep in 3 point font legal jargon but it's there.

These ED con's, transporters, 'unofficial partner schools' would shit their pants and be out of business if the industry required financial transparency.

When you buy a mutual fund the sales reps mentioned above get a combination of up-front commissions, back-end commissions and ongoing 'assets under management' fees.

As I always say. If you're such innocent virgin snow then why are you so damn sneaky?
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