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i remember palmer from the farm

Agape saved the life of my son who entered Agape in Aug. '08 as a self-destructive, violent, illiterate boy of 11.  Today, he is calm, happy, productive and literate.  Trying to stir up trouble for Agape is absolutely wrong of you.

According to our datasheet of Agape Boarding School they also run a facility for female a short distance from the main facility. This facility is named Refuge of Grace Academy

Beside isolation issues and total lack of regulation because the state of Missouri does not care about religious programs, then there is the question of accreditation as most schools do not give credits for the curriculum. The teenager could very well end up having wasted a whole year or more academically. What good does the program do then?

We do not know if the case is related to the academy:

Court Reports (December 20, 2017 - Cedar Republican)

--- Quote from: Cedar Republican ---Jareth Clemensen, Stockton, two counts of first-degree child molestation, class A felony; and two counts of second-degree child molestation, aggravated sexual offense with child less than 17 years of age and offender is more than four years older, class B felony, hearing scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017,in Cedar County and a case management conference scheduled for 1 p.m. Friday Jan. 5, 2018 in Dade County.

--- End quote ---

There are also testimonies online now:

Mike's testimony (Tales from the black school)


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