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Statement from a former student from Farmers Christian Academy Girls Home:

--- Quote from: KaseyLynn95 ---I am a former girl of Farmer Christian Academy and I would like to share my experience with everyone. I was one of the earlier girls to come in the home and I stayed there for a year. I can honestly say it was the worst year of my life. There was a lot of favoritism played at this girls home and several girls were treated unfairly. While being in church a lot always gave me more spiritual guidance, the traveling was absolutely ridiculous. We would wake up at 3 or 4 AM and go to Tennessee and stay for the morning and night service and then would drive back that night and have to be up for school the next morning. Also, a lot of rules implemented at the home were not biblical at all. Several rules were based off of preference by dorm advisor Crystal Fields. Crystal fields had a very negative attitude towards certain girls and she refused to counsel them as she expressed falsely that we only wanted attention. Also, does the Bible not say "make a joyful noise unto The Lord?" While we were always traveling, we were know for our singing group. God values the Christian that sings for him from the heart no matter how they sound, but Crystal gave the microphones to certain people and made others feel as if they weren't good enough to praise God. There were a few girls that could not sing very well and they knew they couldn't, but they still wanted to sing in front of the church for their Savior, but Crystal commanded them to lip sing so they wouldn't mess up the rest of the group. Also, your child will never be able to talk to you without supervision. All phone calls last exactly 15 minutes and you get one phone call every 2 weeks. You can also send and receive letters, but those are read before they are sent or given to the girl. If Crystal or the staff feels there is something you or your daughter shouldn't see they will scratch it out with sharpie. When you finally get to see your daughter after 6 months don't think you will get to have a private conversation with her. Crystal sticks so close that she can hear your inner thoughts. FCA has also had several staff members leave. Does that tell you something? There are a lot of unknown things about Farmer Christian Academy that parents should know before they submit their daughter there. As a former student there, I do NOT recommend FCA to any parent. I'm against this home so strongly that I wouldn't even send my dog there! If you want your daughter to get some real, Godly help, look into Victorious Valley Christian Girls Home. That home is based solely on Christ.

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