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Che Gookin:
I'm getting the point in general that Roloff's is a sadistic  den of torture. meh..

Ok let's break this down by specific facilities and get the ball rolling..

Can someone post a list of facility names for the Roloff's? I'm sure you mentioned them all but my brain is tofu at the moment.

1. Bethesda (Girls)
2. Redemption Ranch (Boys)
3. Rebekah (Girls)
4. Anchor (Boys)
5. Ruth Home of Compassion (Girls)
6. Lighthouse (young men)
7. Lighthouse Intercoastal (young men and boys)
8. Zapata
9. Jubilee (young women)
10. City of Refuge (men)
11. Mt. Park (Boys)
12. Palm Lane (Girls)
13. Happiness Hills
14. Bethel Boys Academy
15. Bethel Girls Academy
16. Agape Boarding School
17. New Beginnings Pace, FL (Girls)
18. New Beginnings MO (Girls)
19. VCA (Girls)
20. Thanks to Calvary Boarding School (Seperate Dorms for Boys and Girls?)

There are others, I am sorry I don't have the full list, but I find new ones all the time.  I know of four more that I have basic locations for, but no names.


--- Quote from: ""Che Gookin"" ---Yo Homies.. Give me the 411 about this duckfarm!

1) Is this a single facility or multiple facilities under the same name?

2) Who owns it?

3) When did it open?

4) Where is it located?

5) When did you attend?
--- End quote ---

Lorrie's done a hell of a job explaining so much already.  

1 - 4. Multiple, as described in prior posts...

5.  I attended the People's Baptist Church Christian School from September 1987 to May 1988.  Initially I went to live on the farm compound in the Corpus area with 5 other girls.  We had an older couple who were in charge of us.  Rebekah was shutdown by the state of Texas at the time, and the girls who had been in Rebekah at the time had been secreted of to Bethesda in Missouri.


--- Quote from: ""Che Gookin"" ---Good question... Are there any of the Roloff Facilities left in existence?

Did the facilities in general have the same common model of treatment/mistreament?
--- End quote ---

I later was caught sneaking out and ultimately ended up in Jubilee.  Like Lorrie, I have other acquaintances who have been in the various programs of the Roloff regime at varying times, the model of treatment/mistreatment is VERY similar.

The Bethesda home in Mississippi at one time was closed and moved to Florida, I am not sure when that happened, but I think it was about the same time us Rebekah Girls were moved to Belton Missouri.  I am kind of confused about the dates.  I know we were moved right after Christmas 1985.  All the homes were under siege by health and welfare, but they missed over and over.


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