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The following is a list of former members of AARC who have taken their lives. Feel free to share memories of these lost lives here. Please share with us if you have any information on their relation to AARC or the reasoning behind their deaths.

Brian Neal (Brian was a client in Kids of North Jersey and later worked as staff in AARC. He reportedly broke into AARC before taking his life).

Andrew Mazur (Former Client)

Devon Newson (Former Client)

William LeBaron? (Graduate. Known best as "Steve" LeBeraon)

If there are any other AARC related deaths I am unaware of, please post them here with links (obituaries, news articles) if possible.

I also want to add two names from kids of greater salt lake.   both were treated by the illustrious mr. vause,  phys ed guru.    

Shad Farmer,   and Ryan Karen.    

I add their names here only out of respect of them and their families.    
they both endured   abuses in new jersey and salt  lake that they never deserved.   I don't know the particulars,  I only know that I understand, and I miss two of the people that I grew to love in kids of bergen county.

sorry,  I forgot to include brian neal in my eulogy.   I      knew him  welll in new jersey,    he was a kind  hearted sensitivive individual.    maybe  his brother kevin, or his parents could provide more insight than I can.

I do not  have the words to express my distress in learning that he took his own life.    

what a tradgedy.   I would like kevin or the parents to pm ,     me

I"m  so     sorry

There are countless lives taken from all the programs. Straight has a LONG list. Wrongful death suit seems appropriate.
I have a question though does anyone know a survivor has that has taken their life years after leaving. Such as being out lets say 20 years later or something. If so, does anyone know how many? Does anyone know the most recent. I know the memories haunt us all for years if not a lifetime. I have a reason for asking and I don't mean to be depressing or inappropriate. Rumour has it there has been many in their 30s or 40s that have taken their life as a direct result of the endless torment the programs create throughout life. I also heard that several did recently.

May you all rest in peace now, no longer plagued by the brainwashing, night terrors and hatred that even time can not subside. To those fallen survivors may we always remember you and remember that the worst nightmare of those that tortured us is for us to work as a team, no longer to tormet each other. No longer to be afraid of control or lack there of, to longer buy into their tactic of divide and conquer. To all of those that engaged in destroying us the worst that could happen to them is for all of us to show real love and concern for each other not the sick , confrontational love they tried to drill in us, to work together as one not be divided over things that do not reflect justice for all of our fallen friends. Ginger is right that we are and were a victim of war. A bond (ask any vet) that can not be broken by anything. A bond that would mean we have, and did and would continue to give our life and our love for another survivor.
That is our enemys worst nightmare.

Well put. I know we lost a few post PDAP in the 80s in 90s. I would be afraid to know how many from my crew. I am sure it is a lot. I left in 1986. So many were bipolar or schizophrenic and they ended up being suicides. I wonder what would have happened had they gotten the right treatment.Thank you.


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