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The fifth and luckily last edition of Brat Camp is being broadcast.

Again with the parents.

The impact teaching both parents and the "Brat" can not be underestimated. The first one Natasha Whitlock improved a lot, even thought that her mother Montana took her home against the advices of the "therapists".

The whole difference were that the mother learned how to say no. The mother had tried to buy her daugthers love out of guilt due to her job situation.

From this article Army camp fixes brat out of hell:

--- Quote ---"She used to go weeks and not speak to me. She is still a teenager, she is spiky, but she is very different now. If we have an argument, she is the one that deals with it."
--- End quote ---

The lesson is: Regardless if the cause is illness or a hopeless job situation do not cave in by buying gifts to your child all time. Your child will love you if the time you spend with him or her are quality time.

That is the good news. Parents need to undertake the program in the field if a program is going to succeed over time.

The bad news is that Ben Tait is missing. If you take a minute on Youtube and put his name in, you will notice that "fame" has a dark side. The beating he is receiving is just awful and they could not have done it better at Tranquility Bay.

His mother, who chickended out last year when the wilderness became too much, is suddenly missing him and wants people to look for him.

Here is the article:A mother's plea for missing son, Oxford Mail.

The police record

Brat Camp, Channel 4
By Jemma Dobson
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IT beggars belief that there is the need for programmes like C4's Brat Camp.

Last night's Mums And Daughters' episode was an embarrassment to the people of our country if this is what we have to show for ourselves as a representation of Brits abroad. And females, at that.

Hippy mum Helen and angry, drug-using 14-year-old Chloe were this week's pair who were dropped into the Arizona desert for some intense wilderness therapy.

A gruelling regimen of survival training was intended to push them to their limits, encouraging them to work together and consider why their relationship has become so damaged. These programmes annoy me for so many reasons.

I do not see why they have to go to another country to be shown the error of their ways.

They will have only embarrassed us as a nation while wasting a load of cash, which could have been donated to someone who really needs it, on a useless soul-saerching journey.

Why should this sort of horrible behaviour be given any air time?

All the shouting and aggro is not my idea of entertainment.

I must admit, I did quite enjoy watching this brat put through her paces in one of the toughest environments in the world.

But I would bet my house on her being back to her terrible self by the time they get home and the cameras are switched off.

9:49am Wednesday 7th November 2007

Oz girl:
perhaps some brits can shed some light on this but when did UK tv become so bloddy cheap and spiteful?
Having grown up in a country that was kind of an english wannabe i can remember the majority of tv on our public broadcaster was English. Everyone loved it and viewed it as superior to anything we could produce. Thus i recall the pithy wordplay of yes minister, the undergraduate mayhem  of The young Ones and the pantomime insanity of faulty towers. What I don't recall was the element of cruelty of Brat camp. What is really disturbing is so many reviewers hate it for all the wrong reasons. There is this idea that it is embarrassing because it makes the english look like slappers but the silver lining is watching these kids get their comeuppance. Has there been a less published backlash in the UK against this kind of thinking? or has it embraced this disturbing philosophy?

Brat Camp 4 was filmed at Aspen Family Camp

An update about how the teenagers had made it since the filming was broadcasted yesterday.

From: ... mment=true

--- Quote ---A success rate of two out of three looks good by rehab standards, unless, that is, you remember that season four of Brat Camp actually featured four teenagers. After the programme went out, “happy slappingsâ€
--- End quote ---

Benjamin Tait died without recovering from his wilderness stay. A victim page for United Kingdom has been created.

Brat Camp teenager died from overdose, By Katie Hodge, The Independent, September 9 2009



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