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--- Quote from: "M_Hilton" ---
--- Quote from: "Guest" ---That's nice. What you should have done was made it very clear to all airline staff that you did not under any circumstances want to get on that plane. They can't take a disruptive passenger. Past security would have been the best time.

But since you failed to put up any intelligent resistance you went to SUWS almost willingly.

You fucking idiot.
--- End quote ---
NOTE: Benchmark and Alldrige can suck a dick BUT SUWS did fix most of my anger issues
mind you at the time as as Star rank in Boy Scouts and well most of SUWS was lol for me
--- End quote ---

You were at three programs? I am so sorry. It can take a lot of time to sort out all that happened to you psychologically.

Previous poster should really have been more sensitive.

its fine
and more techichly if you count the MD public School level 5 schools
i got stuffed in the "Special Ed." system around 4th grade and ever really got out i got lucky and ended up a school my last 3 years of highshool that was good these are/were good people think of this place as school first program 2nd but non-res


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