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TO EMILY GRAEBER (Island View escapee):

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Enough of YOUR nonsense.  Feel free to continue to post your idiotic messages in hopes that Emily will actually read any of them. God help her if she listens to anything you say.

To anyone else out there that cares - keep praying for her to be safe.


Excuse me?
But who are you to say that this isn't her friend?

do you want my name?
telephone number?
her parents dont read these things.
god, i dunno wtf is wrong with all of you.
i went to clayton highschool & wydown middle with emily.
stop pretending like you know everything and leave the poor girl alone.

let her friend try to contact her, dont be a jerk.

Don't listen to anyone here but yourself Emily, you know how you feel and what you have gone through.  You have only one life, so live it for yourself and for those who love you; you know best who they are.

to emily.
i was in island View with you.
and i know how that is.
but we are all woried and this is unfair.
i know that you dont really want this.
when i graduated you told me you were going to were on an LOA AT HOME you were close and it doesnt have to be this way.
there are amends to be made but its worth it.
please dont continue to do this.
i hope that you come back and fix this because the pain people around you are going through is too much.
to the person hiding emily..
how could you.


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