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TO EMILY GRAEBER (Island View escapee):

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--- Quote from: "Guest" ---DO NOT attempt to contact your parents until you are over the age of 18!

DO NOT reveal yourself to ANYONE you cannot absolutely trust - THIS INCLUDES ALL FAMILY MEMBERS WHO DID NOT HELP YOU ESCAPE - in any way!

DO NOT use your real name if at all possible.

CHANGE YOUR APPEARANCE as much as you can.

LEAVE THE COUNTRY if at all possible!

Assume that your parents WILL send you back to that hellhole if at all possible.

YOU ARE BEING TRACKED BY THE FEDS. Find a new hiding spot if the person hiding you ever showed up with you on any security camera.

TO THE FBI: Fucking investigate Island View itself while you're at it, huh?
--- End quote ---

its perfect idea they installed a security cameras, this is a good evidence..

Adt security


--- Quote ---If you went to a program owned by Aspen Education Group PLEASE READ!! Lawsuit starting (Reddit thread)

Hi, I have never posted on reddit, just looked around the troubled teen areas. My name is Emily, I am 23 years old and a survivor of Aspen's Second Nature and Island View RTC.

For the last two years, I have been doing heavy research on the troubled teen industry, specifically Aspen programs. I have talked to over 50 lawyers and am still looking. I have been encouraged by several lawyers to gather as many people as I can and have them write testimonies. These testimonies will be the driving force in starting this lawsuit. These testimonies will help the lawyer piece together a giant case. We have around 25 people right now that are working hard on testimonies and I cam coming here to reddit to encourage anybody that was sent to an Aspen program; RTCs, Wilderness Programs, Weight Loss Camps, or any academy/school/facility run by Aspen; to contact me if you want to be part of this lawsuit. We are not even at the minimum number of people needed for a really solid Class Action Lawsuit. Power in numbers!!If you contact me I will send you a general overview of what this is about and how to help. It would be greatly appreciated and so worth it for all of us. A huge goal in this is to expose Aspen Education Group, CRC Health, Family Help & Wellness, and of course Island View/Elevations, and all the other schools and facilities. Island View was "shut down", and re-opened as "Elevations", ( Former "head of education" now RUNS elevations-not qualified) and people that were night staff when I was there are now in very high up positions. The company that owns Elevations is called Family Help and Wellness, owned by Opal Creek Capital, owned by a former Leader at CRC/Aspen Education group. So basically, aspen still owns Elevations. There are a few other schools that Family Help and Wellness own, a few employees of Island View went off and started their own RTC; solstice which has 2 locations, yet, they are owned by the same company that owns Elevations. When these employees left they told us it was to get away from the intensity of Island View. Another Aspen school that was closed was re-opened and purchased by Family Help and Wellness. Their solutions to the many many lawsuits is to shut down and re open in what looks like a totally different company/ownership,but still run the same exact abusive programs. These companies promote Institutional Child Abuse, and every single day that these programs are open, children are being abused, and we need to do something about that. As survivors of places owned by Aspen, we need to come together and hold them accountable for what they did to all of us, and for all the innocent life's lost because they could no longer handle the pain. I graduated in 2009 and still go through daily suffering as a result of these programs. We were abused and traumatized, our childhoods ruined, our parents bank accounts drained for the sake of our "treatment". It is infuriating that parents pay upwards of $10,000/month to keep children in highly abusive settings. I want to help bring awareness to the horror that is the Troubled Teen Industry.

Please feel free to contact me here on reddit email: [email protected] or facebook: Emily Graeber

--- End quote ---

“Treatment Centers” for Troubled Teens Are Gothic Nightmares (Slate)


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